Columbia Vincent

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Accord PC

Player: max "village asshole" brooks
Creature Type: VAMPIRE
Division: Carthian Movement
City: Chehalis, WA
VST: Olympia Accord VST


Character Information

Name: Columbia Vincent

Creature Type: Vampire, Ventrue, Bloodline Unknown

Notable Traits: Young, dark haired woman, with INTENSELY powerful eyes

Title or Positon: Accord Administrator (Since June 2014)

Known Facts

- The last known inheritor of the La Paz lineage, wildly powerful Portugese landowning Ventrue. Once, they were rulers of a millenia old dynasty of Lancea Sanctum and Invictus puppetmasters, known for their mastery of strategy and foresight. In the late 19th century, however, they were also the first known complete lineage to join the nascent Carthian Movement. In the space of a week, they were all dead, except for Hector La Paz and his child, Columbia Vincent. They fled to America, and have been working solely to the Carthian cause ever since. Although among the First and Second Estates, they are considered traitors. The feeling is absolutely reciprocal.

- She absolutely loathes mummies.

- Columbia has a large collection of antique rosaries with mysterious powers. While they don't seem to have supernatural powers, she claims fanatically that they allow protection in case of attack from the Truth. She gives them to those she trusts, and whether they work or not is up to debate.

- Following the disappearance of the mysterious Purified, Gil, Columbia took leadership of the Olympia Accord cell, feeling herself the only one qualified to do so. The little people don't yet accept it, merely calling her their "Quartermaster". This is temporary.


- Columbia is notably aloof, secretive and generally hard to socialize with. She is known for avoiding Kindred gatherings, even friendly ones, and she conducts her business via proxies and memoranda. So, standard Ventrue.

- Columbia is currently in contact with an entity of unknown power and purpose. Although she puts up the front of being a purely secular Carthian who is uninterested in mystical affairs, she occasionally betrays knowledge of higher spheres absolutely unknown to most Kindred.

- Columbia is an undeniable master of Dominate. Further, her mastery is strangely more powerful than known usage of Dominate, as if she is using a more permanent and viable methodology.

- In addition to Dominate mastery, Columbia is apparently aware of a variant of Auspex, which allows her to see her domain in ways no other Kindred is truly aware of.

- Rumor states that she has been touched by Malkavia. Contrarily, rumor states that she is a focus for the Strix. Still other rumors circulate that whatever entity she has made contact with is manipulating her to betray the Accord to the Truth.

OOC Information

Player: Max Brooks

MES Number: us2004122570

Location: Chehalis, WA