Confederation Jones

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Accord PC


Player: Kenneth Green
VST: Alicia Cameron
Creature Type: Possessed
Division: TBA
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Character Information


  • Name: Lt. Cdr Confederation Jones, MS, FAAEM
  • Nickname: Doc
  • Occupation: Attending Surgeon at San Juan University Hospital, United States Navy Special Operations Command (Reserve)
  • Creature Type: Possessed
  • Accord Status: Status 1
  • Notable Traits: Smells like Caramel, is task oriented and serious to an extreme point.
  • Position and Title: None
  • Demon He's Serving: Lord Damiano of the Court of Envy

Mortal Accreditation

  • BS (Pre Med), Yale University
  • MS (Master of Surgery), John Hopkins University
  • General Surgery Residency, John Hopkins University
  • FAAEM - Fellow of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine
  • Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy (Reserves)
  • Naval Cross, United States Navy for Service in Afghanistan and defending his seal team when it was under attack.
  • Certified Combat Medic, United States Navy


Firm when shit needs to get done, but very kind and congenial most other times. Seems highly motivated.


In the Accord

  • March 13, 2016 - Becomes a member of the Accord

Early History

  • 1972 – Confederation is born to Huey and Allegra (nee Wilson) Jones in the city of Denver, Colorado, Huey is a Nation of Islam member and minister, his mother was in the United States Army, she took him away from his father at the age of 2.
  • 1994 – Confederation being a gifted man wins a scholarship to Eaton College in the United Kingdom where he studies with Royal Highnesses and other elites from around the world. They like his spirit though they like his ability to help on tests and exams more.
  • 1996 – Enters his first year of school at Yale, University in the United States
  • 1998 – Graduates Yale and enters Med School at Johns Hopkins University
  • 2006 – Finishes his Residency at Denver General Hospital, and then enters the United States Navy commissioned as a Lieutenant Junior Grade.
  • 2007 – Enters B.U.D.S. and graduates wearing the Seal Trident, is promoted to Lieutenant Full Grade
  • 2009 – Earns the Navy Cross for saving three members of his team from death on the field of battle, and killing off the enemy until air support and exfil can arrive.
  • 2010 – Falls in a battle in Tikrit, Iraq and is awarded the Purple Heart, it is here that Damianos a Infernal Noble of Hell makes a deal with Confederation, to take him to the heights of power and in exchange for residence in his body. Is promoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • 2010 - Is assigned to Zero Company by his superiors in Washington
  • 2012– Enters the USN Reserves.
  • 2014 – Being known as one of the most skilled surgeons in the world he takes a teaching job at Johns Hopkins
  • 2015 – Moves to Puerto Rico to take a Attending Surgeon position in one of San Juan’s biggest hospitals. He\'s assigned to do so by his superiors in hell. It is then when the Las Vegas event happened that he awakened to the truth.
  • 2016 – Damianos gives him orders to enter the fight and try to unify all the supernatural groups of the accord.

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Character Inspirations


From Him

  • TBA

About Him

  • Leave One
  • For a fucker I hunted for years it's good to have him on the squad - Jeremiah Carter


  • Leave One

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