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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Character Information

Name: Connor Garvin

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Shadowsoul

Court: Sun, Mantle 4

Entitlement: The Order of the Oneirophysics

Freehold: Sun King of the Freehold of the Zoryas

Motley: Quartermaster of the The Briar Bitch Motley

Notable Traits: Striking Looks 4

Order of the Oneirophysics.png

OOC Information

Player: Ilan

MES Number: US2010096642

Location: NY-004-D, New York City, Children of the Lost Eden

VST: Abby Estes

Other Characters:

Requiem: Nikolas Asteria
Accord: Simon
Mage: Cat


  • Mask

An extremely handsome man looking to be in his late thirties, Dr. Connor Garvin has light brown hair with elegant touches of silver at his temples. His eyes are considered by many to be his best feature, though they are a simple, warm brown. He dresses a bit stuffily - one might describe it as a combination between Mr. Rogers and a 50s sitcom dad.

  • Mien

Much the same, but Connor's eyes are replaced by black voids and leak shadows. At Striking Looks 4, his features seem somehow perfected and alluring. This combines to make him quite handsome in a dignified sort of way that makes you feel a bit guilty for thinking of how attractive he is.

  • Mantle (Sun Mantle 4)

Connor's strong Day Court mantle causes him to walk with his very own halo, which lends a beautiful brightness to his countenance. All light in the room seems to flow towards him and draws out his best features, making him have an almost saintly quality. However, as the light extends outward and away from him, it acts much like the lights in a fitting room at a department store as Connor's mantle outlines every single imperfection, stray hair, and pimple on those around him.

The Ties That Bind


Motley Mates

The Crew of the (in)famous Briar Bitch.

  • Jin - Engineer - There is an idealism and fragility to Honor, I hope that Jin can weather the attacks on it.
  • Iarann - Captain - He has an odd moral code, but he sticks to it.
  • Gris - Pilot - He is my family...and my constant headache.
  • Fawn - Cabin Girl - She is like a daughter to me, for better or worse. I don't deserve her.

Friends, Allies, Enemies, and Rivals

  • feel free to add yourself
  • Harlan (NPC): Two sides of the same fucked up coin. This won't end well.
  • Lachoros: Shame brings Sorrow, but will Sorrow learn from Shame?
  • Bones: ...Bless.
  • Ciar (deceased): I'll have my work cut out for me, keeping this one from walking to Arcadia.
  • Cormac: I feel for him, I know the pain he holds.
    • It may have been an impossible task.


Connor is married to a human woman, no one has ever seen her.

Connor's not married at all, he just pretends he is.

Connor's not married at all, but he will put on a wig and a dress and pretend to be his own wife. Just go with it. Let him have this.

Connor killed the former Sun King, Sonny.

Connor is a fantastic baker.

Connor was known by another name in Arcadia and it wasn't a good one.

That tension between Connor and Gris? It's sexual.

Gris isn't Connor's brother at all. He's his son.

Quotes by Connor

"...why did you do that? Do you really think it was worth how you feel now?"
"I have done so many terrible things, my love. Let me do this. Let me shelter you. I will always love you. Not even death will change that."

Quotes about Connor

  • He makes the BEST cupcakes ever. They're totally worth feeling guilty that you ate a whole one afterwards. - Iarann, his Mötley Mate
  • No matter how much icing you throw on top, a Fairest is still a Fairest. - Carol
  • There is a certain irony that the Sun King glows brightest with the light of others. - Lachoros
  • I got no idea why he hangs out with a bunch a lowlifes like us - I guess to keep his kid brother in line? - but damn, I'm glad he does. We can use someone to look up to, someone to be the good one. - Fawn
    • that's why he hangs out with us lowlifes. - Fawn
  • I think we exist to keep each other honest. We both know the value of lies. - Jin
  • No, really, he's married. But, hopefully he never has kids. Big Bro might send the kid into psychosis after it never lives up to Daddy's ridiculous standards. - Gris
  • With the bright light of an ghrian, all of our harshest features are revealed, our scáth are deepened. People fear these revelations. In him, there is almost a kindred spirit." - Ciar