Connor Douglas

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Changeling PC

Player: Owen S.
Character: Connor Douglas
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Metalflesh / Airtouched
Court: None (Solstice)
Freehold: Annapolis, MD
VST: Hannah W.

Character Information

Name: Connor Douglas

Seeming: Elemental

Kith: Metalskin / Airtouched

Court: Solstice

Entitlement: Court of Solstice

Notable Traits:

  • Marine corp tattoo on right arm.

Title or Position: Betweener, Courtier, Solstice Courtier

Archetype Achievements: Soldier, Martial Artist

Physical Description

Mask: Short brown hair with blue eyes. Clearly took care of himself at one point in time, standing 6'2" with powerful arms and chest. However he seems to be a bit past his prime.

Mien: Smooth matte metal skin that is comprised of hundreds of small metal shards. A low hum can be heard as the air underneath rages. As his wrath increases pieces of his flesh separate to allow air to escape (think steam being released)

Clothing: Shirt, long coat, and jeans.


  • Add your own!
  • Retired Marine, retired AA member, a man who has lost everything and remembers better times.
  • Exiled from France after a run-in with a mine.
  • Stood alone, victorious, after a battle with a dragon.
  • Sworn to never harm a living Monarch. It is unknown to whom the pledge is sworn.


  • "Connor took a bit of a different approach to the whole court system concept. He's the first person I've met who claims to be of 'the Solstice Court.' I get the appeal of trying to find the middle ground, but is the Wyrd going to respect the intuition? It's fun conversation, especially over bourbon!" - DJ Radix
  • "Dude doesn't talk much, but the way he swings that sword he doesn't need to. Fun guy to have around." - John Vimes

OOC Information

Player: Owen S.

MES Number: US2005096569

Location: Baltimore, MD