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Name: Izdubar Summer
Shadow Name: Conquest
Apparent Age:
Current Location: Ponce, Puerto Rico
Consilium: La Perla del Sur Cabal: The Horsemen

Notable Traits

  • 6ft, Broad Shoulders


Awakening PC

Player: Colin Douglas
Path: Mastigos
Order: The Silver Ladder
Legacy: The Pure Soveregins
Domain: MES Virtual



  • 1950: Born to Samuel and Louise Fitz, sleepwalkers.
  • 1963: Starts high school
  • 1964: Parents die in a tragic car crash
  • 1965: Drops out of high school to take care of his kid sister
  • 1966: Starts with a life of crime to provide for himself and his sister
  • 1968: Is told that he needs to either go to prison or enlist
  • 1972: Returns to a world that despises himself and his brothers in arms
  • 1973: Starts a motorcycle club, “Heavens Hellions”
  • 1973-1974: Works to and completes his GED
  • 1974: One of his professors takes an interest in him and encouages him to go to night school for University and ushers him into a Cryptology
  • 1980: Manages to avoid a number of near stints in prison, likely thanks to the Cyrptology, also finishes college
  • 1980: enrolls in law school
  • 1982: Awakens in an Elemental Pilgrimage taking the name Izdubar Summer.
  • 1983: Finishes Law School, and starts a cryptology based on his biker club
  • 1985: Becomes a Factotum
  • 1986: Is taken in by the Blue Bloods due to their being impressed with his cryptology as well as the fact that he's built it upon the idea of being the strongest and best.
  • 1989: Becomes the Lictor for Louisiana and Arkansas.
  • 2009: Trains Apprentice to take over his spot as a Lictor.
  • 2010: Stops being a Lictor and takes on Baslides (Richard Kemp's pc) as his apprentice
  • 2011: Forms the Horsemen as a rapid reaction force for the Pentacle, primarily against the Seers. Taking the strongest, smartest, and best of every order to be part of it.




Gilgamesh was known for protecting his people, pushing them around, but never ever letting others do so.- Paraphrase from Dr. Kevin Crow


  • "The only thing I have ever wanted is Daddy's affections and yet he always seems to leave..." Chastity
  • "Please tell me y'ain't me fuckin' dad." - Caprice
    • "This...this would be a good piece of information to know..." - Circe
  • "I'm not really sure where I stand anymore. I'd still like to be friends, at least." - Circe
  • "One of the few Silver Ladder whose standard issue Silver Stick is not embedded right up his ass. I've checked." - Isnana

Out of Character

Looking For

  • I am open to many different kinds of ties! Conquest has been traveling extensively over the years. These ties can include people he has worked with on various operations, Consiliums he has visited and assisted, lovers, friends (he has assisted many in various ways over the years) and family members.


  • Gilgamesh
  • Clay: Sons of Anarchy

Player: Colin Douglas

MES Number: US2006108841

Location: Missoula, MT