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Known to the Camarilla

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Mortal name: Conrad Luther Chapel
Aliases: Konrad Lothar Kappel
Camarilla Position: Prince
Clan Position: Praetor sworn to Stategos Konrad
Status (8): Acknowledged; Established and Venerated Elder; Exalted, Well-known and Famous Prince of Montgomery AL; Courageous by Elder Prince Eirik Alexson of Philadelpha, PA; Veteran of the Widow's War by Elder Prince Aquila of the Sixth City.
Dignitas: 10
Prince of Montgomery, AL






Alexander Konrad, Prince of Washington DC
Benjamin Baker Chapel, Sheriff of Atlanta
Conrad Luther Chapel, Preator of Montgomery, AL
William Edric, Primogen of Philadelphia
Selene de Lorraine, Master Harpy of Washington, DC
Phillipe Badeaux

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  • "A stalwart, a bulldog, a gentleman, a brute: You never know which of Conrad's sides will show in any evening. Centuries of warfare have harnessed his anger, but it is his blood that makes him a King. Few mortals are still built in his mold -- the last was perhaps Winston Churchill.Benedict d'Holbach
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OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Montgomery AL
Player: Robert Voitle
Storyteller: VST

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