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GRANDSIRE: Hardestadt
SIRE: Lord Jurgen

CHILDER: Timothy Raiford Raines
Alexander Warden
Leonardo "Leon" Finch

What is Known by Kindred Society

Never seen in anything but black, Constance is known to be a strict and a refined leader of Boston, Massachusetts.

There is very little known about the Elder's history. She simply came into existence in the late 12th Century, remaining by her Sire's side until the 1300's. She then began her reign in Boston in 1775 and has held the praxis since then.

Formally a Ventrue, Constance was quickly adopted by the Brujah.

Recently outcast by the Brujah, Constance has not wavered.

Rumors circulate as to her departure from the States. Some say she works under Imperator Trajan. Others say, she works directly for Hardestadt.

It is unclear as to what the Queen is planning...but it can never be good.





  • "Listening to you has been enough suffering for all of us..." — Constance Fournier
  • "I like you" — Dieci
  • "Tis' a strength not many command that resides within her. In fact, many are the poor wretches hoping in vain to live up to her standards, while the reality is that they will remain at her feet, cursing God for their lot in life. While she will continue to be as she was born to be." — Pierrot le Fou
  • "Cool, capable, and efficient is not something to be underestimated in a leader. She is an asset to our society." — Chandra de Soissones
  • "There is much that many current Princes could learn from watching Constance for ten minutes." — Kristian Vasa
  • "All must love her." — Equinox
  • "When I first came to Boston I had only the rumors of her greatness to inspire my judgments. They fall short, every single one of them. I have since often desired to do her justice with pen and ink, but even I cannot truly capture the strength and dignity with which she leads. And I dare not speak or write words that can only fail to live up to the truth of her. I am proud to have served as Harpy to the Unwavering Prince Fournier." — Desdemona Gonzaga
  • "Quite adept in the political arena. Quite adept indeed..." — Lochlann MacAllan
  • "She burns with the brightness of God. May all look upon her free of covetousness--or learn the meaning of Holy vengeance." — Benjamin Baker Chapel
  • "There are Ventrue, and then there are Ventrue. You can hear the difference. One demands respect, and one brings respect by their actions. Prince Fournier is that rare third that...She understands power as few do. She understands respect. She is Ventrue, as surely as anything is." — Mr. Allen
  • "I passed through Boston nearly a century ago. And with Prince Fournier as her architect, be it a century ago or a century after, the city remains unchanged. Frozen in temperament, fortified by history, grounded in tradition, and utterly lethal to the uninvited." — Einhardt Wagner
  • "What does Clan Ventrue provide for the Camarilla? Leadership. Dignity. Thoughtfulness in word and deed and planning. Ruthlessness when called for. Abiding belief in something greater than even ourselves. Surety and security. Look to Boston and her Prince to see a supreme example of a nearly endless list." - Althea Bell-Hammon
  • "The Great understand a simple fact, that there is no such thing as destiny or higher purpose. To become a force in this world one must simply have the strength and will to shape existence to fit one's desires, to bend minds and matter both to one's whim. The Truly Great grasp this without doubt or hesitation... all others are simply sheep and clay." - An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
  • "Without weakness or distraction she moves, vast and encompassing. Quintessential, elemental. Make no mistake, Prince Constance Fournier is to most other Princes what the Tsunami is to the gentle wave. I rather like her." - Arden
  • "It is pretty simple. You either add to her court by being an active citizen that puts the city first, or face her wrath. I've met many wraths in my time, and I've worked hard to avoid hers." - Malcolm Rook
  • "She does not rule. She leads and others follow." -Sevynn
  • "The Prince had her Mercy cut out of her by an imprisoned gypsy witch doctor, before she was embraced." -overheard in Court by the Catiff Vincent DeRosario
  • "One upon a time, I gazed on this creature known as Constance Fournier and saw a kindred spirit. She is brutally efficient, cold, and her monstrosity is...beautiful." -Angelo Giovanni
  • "If you want to hear about the Queen's legendary wrath and elemental power and all that jazz, talk to someone else--they'll fill you in. It's all true, I'm sure, but it's not what I fancy about her. When you get right down to it, it's her confidence that makes her good company. Insecure Elders, I can see them a thousand miles away, which is about how far they try to throw their weight around. Constance? No insecurities, there. She knows what's hers, knows what's yours, and she's got a pretty laugh, too, but you didn't hear it from me!" -Occam
  • "All just rulers are tempered by mercy. I hope one day the Camarilla can benefit from her just rule, until then it must survive her merciless one." -Viktor Cantemir
  • "Having seen her board, I know not only what she sees but where she stands. But where I stand upon that board, only she knows." - Toby Dior
  • "They say, in the home country, that the Wolf may change its hair, but not its nature. Let us see what this Wolf works to change." - Eileen
  • "People fear beauty and power, and often consider the powerful to also be the mad. I have always found my Mad Queen to be nothing but what she chooses to be. Madness is only Madness to those who have never danced to their own song." - Brigid
  • "All the song and dance of being a feared Prince, a notable Kindred ... bah! She was just as formidable when she was breathing. She wasn't Embraced ... she was -realized- ... but there are very few whose word means more." - Torquil Moireasdan
  • "I do not hate my dearest Constance. I love her... to death." - Callistus Santiago
  • "I can't decide if its the freedom inherent in being 'Brujah' that makes her seem more centered or simply the freedom to return to an older sort of Ventrue. Either way, it looks good on her." - Alicia Vangelista
  • "I have been called many things in my time. "Demon"... "Dragon"... "Beast". She called me "vǫrðr". It took me almost 200 years to understand what it meant." - Citadel
  • "Just put your finger into this ring. I'm sorry, pins don't have diamonds, but it won't matter soon. Now simply...pull." – June
  • "One cannot help but admire and fear her. There is so much one could learn if they would just allow themselves to move past false perceptions." – Catherine Pershing
  • "My first impression of the Queen is that she is a dynamic force of nature. When faced with that power you either bend or you break." - Ótama Myrkrdotter
  • "We see you there, covered in crowns of glory and blood, with the heart of a lion and the body of a woman. We watch you from the shadows, and we smile." - Costanza Rodriguez
  • "I met Constance once, a few years ago. I was a terrified, still fairly freshly Embraced Kindred. She could of done a large manner of terrifying and awe-provoking things. Instead, she taught me some very important lessons. She's been a pretty great mom ever since." - Leonardo "Leon" Finch
  • "From Queen to Rabble to Waif. How the almost mighty have fallen." - Salvador Noventa
  • "The one time I met her, she tried to assert herself as the alpha female. That one time was enough. I'm flattered that she thought me enough of a threat to even try it, but I guess I thought she would have better things to do with her time." - Scarlett Thorne
  • "Like whatever entity created her, one word describes Elder Queen Fournier - Unforgettable." — Malcolm Donovan


  • "Did you hear?Alexander Warden isn't really her child. He was adopted by her so she can help Equinox with an experiment."
  • "She's not nearly as stiff behind closed doors. This whole reserved Princely facade is a well constructed mask she wears."
  • "The Scourge of Boston is a scary, scary woman. And she's afraid of Constance."
  • "How close is Her Majesty and her Keeper? Inquiring Harpies want to know."
  • "Courtiers don't take wagers against the Queen's skill. There is the deadly danger of her hands in the betting pool."
  • "The reason she doesn't allow cell phones at court is because Eric Kincaid kept sexting her during her speeches."
  • "Despite the ongoing hostilities between the Prince and the Assamite Clan it's said that she keeps one as a pet."
  • "She defected to the Brujah with secrets regarding the inner workings of Clan Ventrue. Adrienne didn't kick her out, so much as close the gate after she had left the barn."
  • "Rumor has it, Hardestadt gave his blessing to Constance."
  • "It is spoken in some circles that, with but a few whispered words, she parted Torquil Moireasdan from his legendary rage, if even for a few moments, and that he seemed almost human again."
  • "The diamonds she wears are formed from the ashes of her enemies."

Character Information
Clan: [[Category: Masquerade|]]
Sect: Camarilla
City: Boston, MA
Player: Laura D
Storyteller: Tim C