Constantin Vaillencourt

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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: [[Category: Masquerade|]]
Player: Jesse
Storyteller: Some Guy

Character Information

Name: Constantin Vaillencourt
Clan: Toreador
Born: 1680 in Valle d'Aosta, Italy
Embraced: 1713 in Valle d'Aosta, Italy
Generation: 9th
Title or Position:

Known Information

  • Constantin was an innovator of ballet at the outset of the dance's inception. He is a master of its craft, and has spent centuries perfecting it and honing it. At times, he has been an extremely influential choreographer; usually posing as one of his own descendants.
  • He is almost always seen in the company of a young dancer named Angelique Devereux, acting as her director. He refers to her as "his," and it is often assumed she is his childe.
  • The reason for his embrace is unpublicized, though most assume it was for his dance acumen.
  • He is rarely seen without a cane.



  • Angelique was once his ghoul and his favored pupil. She was poached from him for the embrace, and he now raises her as his own childe, regardless.
  • That's not true, she was embraced during heinous and lascivious acts, and her mind broke. Constantin now cares for her out of guilt.
  • She was embraced by Constantin, and he started numerous rumors for attention.
  • He loathes all Malkavians
  • Constantin was embraced for his ability with a sword.
  • He started that sword rumor to look less like a Nancy boy.



  • George Balanchine
  • Bob Fosse

OOC Information

Player: Jesse

Location: Virtual