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Changeling PC

Player: Cliff Stone
Character: Copper
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Truefriend
Court: Dawn
Freehold: Terminal City Redoubt
VST: Nova Albion


Character Information

Name: Copper

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Truefriend

Court: Dawn

Notable Traits: Being green might count


  • Mask
He appears to have a nice green jacket with fuzzy shoulders, a bit skinny and tall, but has a sincere smile about him.
  • Mien
Copper has a pair of antenna that are pushed back a bit via the brim of his hat. He has a green face, and a pair of black eyes. In addition, he has carapaces under his chin, as well as on the back of his hands.

Known History

He's said that he's been in Vancouver for the last nine months, and that he works with a production company with his Uncle. He has spoken a few times about how it's been nine months since he's left Ontario but what that means seems to be left up a bit to people's imaginations.

Friends, Allies, Enemies, and Rivals

Copper likes you all! But... there are some people he doesn't mind hanging out with more than others

  • Silas - A source that's helped him, and a person he looks to help whenever he can.
  • Jimmy - Cool guy with fuzzy meat!
  • Dovecote - A flutterful friend!
  • Asha - She smiles a lot! It's nice!


  • He's often off by himself. He's probably an /Independent/ sympathizer
  • He's collecting hands, and the longer he shakes yours, the better the chance he's considering it for his collection.
  • Copper has a second pair of arms, just under his first, that he explicitly grew so that he could high five himself.
  • He sold his face to the goblin market. How can we sure he's the only Copper?
  • He's found a girlfriend, someone who keeps him on a long leash but under careful control. D'you see him liking women in leather?

Quotes by Copper

"Yeahsoibuiltahollowanditkindaburneddownwhileiwassleepinginitandnowikindasmelllikeburnedhedgewhich doesntevencloselysoundasawesomeasitcouldbutanywayifoundsomecoalandtherewaslaughingwhileithappenedandi dontreallythinkishouldbebringingthingstothefreeholdasitsmyissuethatillhavetoworkthroughandimnotgoingto beaburdensoifihavetomovesomewhereelsetokeepyouguyssafefromthisiguessthatssomethingillhavetodo." pant pant pant

Quotes about Copper

  • "Oh Copper! I have too many good things to say about him. He is kind, sweet, understanding, helpful, and will go out of his way for anyone with little prejudice. If there is anyone who could make me forget about my sorrow, its him. He is a true true friend, and I will do anything for him." - Anonymous
  • "He's more helpful to the freehold than a lot of people. He's like that nerdy kid just dying to be part of a larger group." ~ Shotgun Awe
  • "He is a crack throw with a butter knife. My Courtmate has balls, using such weapons. I approve." - Captain Darius Trask
  • "He sees the world with the eyes of a child, with the honesty and cunning of a child. His perception is precious and few see it that way." ~ Silas

OOC Information

Player: Cliff Stone

MES Number: CA2009079901

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada. Through the Mirror Darkly