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“This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top.” -Lula, Wild at Heart


What They Know

Name: Cora Bauer Kirkwood

Creature Type: Mortal (Divination Psychic)

Profession: Occultist

Cell: The Cavalry. Houston, Texas

Title or Position: Quartermaster

Accord Status: 3

Division: Accord Investigative Services (AIS)

Division Status: 5

Character Description: Rarely seen without her gloves on, Cora keeps herself one step away from the world. Paired in ever presence with her gloves are the melancholy in her hazel eyes and the gold locket around neck. These are the things her momma left her. Though she is tall and blonde, she is by no means striking. Average looking, she can get easily swallowed up by a crowd. Her hips tell the tale of a woman who won’t shy away from a rack of ribs or a well-cooked steak, and who spends most of her time in her Mustang (often referred to as her home-office). And like her Mustang, there is something vintage about her too. Maybe the wave of blonde hair, her red lipstick or the curve hugging dresses she wears.

Dr. Steven Bradley
Ingrid Madrazo

“What are you doing? We don't stop here.” -Rita, Mulholland Drive

Who They Are

...friends, allies, and foes...

...The Ties That Bind...

...Class of 2012...

...Those Lost...

“We have to go to the desert, baby.” -Alice, Lost Highway

What They Say

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  • "Cora? Of course I trust her. But I think we would be better friends if we knew less about each other. "-Lynnette Kennedy
  • "You can't help but be changed after knowing her; for better or worse, it's just the way it is." -Michael Kennedy
  • "Cora is a brilliant, intelligent, and interesting woman. I hope some day she'll learn how to be more satisfied with life." - Cassandra Jones, M.D.
  • "... hmm ... um ... yeah. That about sums her up." - Silas Magnus
  • "Have you ever known someone with a gift that connects them and keeps them apart at the same time? A lot of folks in her shoes wouldn't get out of bed on the regular, let alone join the fight we're in. That's why I put up with the rest of the insanity... Because someone like Cora can inspire." - John Harkin
  • "She is the best specimen of Humanity I have ever encountered; fatalistic as a leper and yet possessing the unbridled freedoms of a child. If all the world consisted of individuals as entirely given to vice and virtue as she, I would be out of a job." - Samuel Marlow, Attorney at Law
  • "Cora, feel like getting your hands dirty tonight?" - David Anderson
  • "...I'll keep my opinion to myself, thank you." - Lupei
  • "Ka and Sheut in such harmony is rare. I am...unsure of what to make of her. But she is proof the old wisdom rings true, 'The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows.' That much is certain." - Setah-sefer
  • sheeee could probably use the help of a really good therapist. she does not seem to be adapting to the accord lifestyle so much as repressing everything ever and then slapping our c.o. in the face for rescuing her. it's alarming. - F1R3W@LL in an email to a mutual friend.
  • "Something about her makes me want to protect her...especially after Romania." Rosemary Weald
  • "Cora, it is sometimes difficult to weather stone-cold-motherfuckers like us. After this mission we will put on our shades and walk off. It doesn't matter if there are explosions because we are too cool to look at them. F13 can join our club as the mascot cause she is my bestie. Anyone who fucks with us will eat our dust." - Simon
    • "I like Cora. I respect the work she does. But I always upset her." - Simon
  • "Oye, my darling girl. That I could save her from the pain of this life." - Duchess
    • "You cannot save someone from the pain that comes with life. But you can help them through and beyond, so that they're stronger as a result of it." - Rosemary Weald
  • "Such a delightful girl, she has a healthy temperament, is unafraid and tastes good too." - Aalina
  • "Really fucking awesome at cleaning dishes. Must have gotten that whole domestic thing from Harky." - Mainardus
  • "There is a fire just ready to boil over beneath that sweet surface. I just know it." - Eva Carlisle
  • "Life's complicated, she just has a way of muddying the waters more for some." - Lucas MacKinder
  • "I didn't see anything." - Pash Halaby
  • "Cora is perfect." - Lilith
  • "So many men drawn to this candle. I keep thinking she is one of my own." - Set
  • "I suck at female friends. That being said, you touch Cora, I'll break your arm." - Striker
  • "A scamp and a reprobate, Ms. Kirkwood is, in many ways, the polar opposite to everything I stand for. But at least she's mostly human. And she has a wonderful sense of humor." - Father Gabriel
  • "Cora is, in a strangely technical sense, the second-oldest friend I have. And what that means, really, is that life is fucking crazy so we might as well just live it. She certainly does, and I admire her for that." - Marianne Bennett
  • "When she asked me if I wanted to go on an adventure with her...well...I'm pretty sure Cora and I are going to get along just fine. She can ask me on an adventure anytime!" - Dea Tacita
  • "Thank you,my beautiful angel. Thank you." - Steven Bradley
  • "It is bittersweet to see her here, but very reassuring somehow. Interesting how all the rest listen to her." - Houston
  • "During Old Peculiar Cora kept saying, 'Kyle is our reserve' and sticking things in her brain mouth even in the face of insanity. Fragile flower she is not." - Kyle Everett
  • "At Old Peculiar, she understood what I was seeing and Feeling, She helped me feel grounded, I owe her for that..." Twicespun
  • "Hmmm. What do I know about Cora? Sshe getss the job done, alwayss. Sshe ish the besht at what sshe doesh. But thoshe ssunglassess, geez. What verssion of the movie Lolita did sshe rob to get thoshe from?" - Icarus Sphere
  • "Cora's like the most popular woman in the Accord- and I can sorta see why." - New Guy
  • "At least you came in second." - Houston
  • "Cora Kirkwood. I have yet to get to know much of her, but I find her...curious, to say the least. She seems adept at avoiding giving direct answers..." - Amalia Iliescu
  • "Some days I love the woman, and some days, I want to take her and drop kick her to Pluto and make sure she stays there." Joline Dubois
  • "She's sort of a surrogate mom to Blue and I. Or maybe just the older sister that we both kinda desperately needed. When I first met her, all I wanted was to grow up to be just like Cora. Now, I just want us all to make it out of this in one piece..." - Red
  • "DUDE! Why you makin fun of my car Lady-bro? Not chill at all man, not at all. Ah well, you can't win em all." - Badger
  • "Best marksman in the Accord..." - Jacque LeBeau
  • "She definately makes her presence in the room known. But once she calmed down she was an enjoyable dinning guest. I hope you are able to work your troubles out with Steven. The lives of those in The Accord in particular are too short and precious to waste being angry at persons you obviously care about." - Ellis Kingsly
  • "I still do not know if she is drunk, high, bat-shit fucking insane, or just playing every motherfucker that walks into the room." - Ethan Little
  • "Part of me hopes that she never finds it. There is something beautiful in the searching, after all, and I'm not sure anything would ever really satisfy." - Mahaf
  • "Well, despite whatever else that Definitely Did Not Happen That One Time, she showed herself to appreciate snakes, despite their low ratings. I approve." - Sethos
  • "Car talk and hard drinking, this is why I like hanging with Cora." - Jason Harvick
  • "I get the feeling you're the fun kind of bad news." - Shkira Kushnir
  • "It doesn't matter how much pain other people feel. Yours is still important. Please don't forget that." - David Shattuck

“You think I'm crazy don't you? I want you to stay. ” -Dorothy, Blue Velvet

What They Think

...feel free to add rumors...

  • Cora made the ultimate sacrifice in honor of the Accord: her Mustang.
  • Should Cora and Jacques Lafayette Saunier ever become...intimate, the resulting sexual energy has the potential to destroy the world. Good thing it's the last ditch WMD against the Truth.
  • Cora may or may not be the last step for David Anderson to get a commemorative cheese plate.
  • Cora is actually dead.
  • Cora's allergies to Mangoes is only matched by how much she loves them.

What They Hear

...the soundtrack...

Don't Ask
Houston Cavalry
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OOC Information

Player: Rachel Geist

MES Number: US2005063548

Location: Houston, Texas

Accord VST: Houston Accord VST

Other PCs: Clé deMontes, Juniper, Hilde Rekkstrum