Cordelia Cane

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Cordelia Cane

Player: Shannon McGovern
Character: Cordelia Cane
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Shadowsoul
Court: Winter
Freehold: Annapolis
VST: Hannah Wallace

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Character Information


Name: Cordelia Cane

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Shadowsoul

Court: Winter

Title or Position: Winter Monarch (Unbidden Lord)

Entitlement: Knighthood of the Utmost Silence

Information Known By Changeling Society

Notable Traits


The woman spending way too much of her time hiding in the back rooms of the funeral home is very pretty. Too pretty to be spending all of her time around dead bodies, but there she is. Her skin is extremely pale, like she never goes outside. But the rest of her is extremely dark. Her long black hair reaches down her back, curling and waving and occasionally gets into her face. Her eyes are dark, almost a purplish black that sparkles when the light hits them the right way, and are always rimmed with smokey eyeshadow. Her lips are almost as pale as her skin. She almost always wears dark clothing, usually black jeans or leggings, a loose black or blue top, black fingerless gloves, and heavy black combat boots.


Behind the mask, the woman's dark features seem to draw on the shadows and darkness around her, serving to make her even more striking and beautiful. Her long hair is the color of shadows at night, the deepest shade of black with the slightest hint of purple. Her eyes look like the night sky on a moonless night: deep, dark, endless, and with a sparkle hidden under the initial darkness. She doesn't have a mouth. It doesn't affect how she can talk, but she doesn't have one.


At first her mantle seems very empty, strikingly so. She gives off a chill, but whether that's her personality or the mantle could be debatable. When you get closer to her, there is the burn of frostbite. Occasionally, there will be the slight smell like it's about to snow. During the winter months, the winter crown is manifested on her head, but it looks like it isn't properly on her head, like she doesn't care about making sure it's straight.


Cordelia doesn't entirely get things. Most of the time she understands what you mean, but sarcasm, innuendos, occasional metaphors are met with a blank stare. Generally, Cordelia isn't big on emotions. Just shrugs them off and doesn't notice. When it comes to hiding, be it hiding herself, her emotions, other people, her alcohol, her skills can't be beat. That is... as long as she wants things to be hidden. She curses constantly, and will call you a dumbass if you are acting like one. You never see her in a fight.

People Associated with Cordelia

  • Martin Weir - Her motley mate and close friend
  • Barry Greene - Old friend, fellow Knight of the Utmost Silence
  • John Vimes - He's competent
  • SantaAna - Fellow Knight of the Utmost Silence, probably her best friend, or at least was
  • Giant Fucking Skeleton - A fucking giant skeleton that use to attack Annapolis, she said something to it though and now it follows her like a puppy
  • Elise Fairview - Her motley mate and friend
  • Kage - Her motley mate and friend
  • Jack Daniels - Her motley mate and friend
  • Penelope Sunshine - Her motley mate
  • Cerise di Vaar - Her motley mate
  • Ammon Lu - The first time they went on a date, he was a robot the entire time


Before Arcadia

  • Lived in a small town in Georgia
  • Was a teenager when she was taken

After Arcadia

  • 2006 Popped out of the hedge in Michigan
  • Late 2006 Attempted to get back to Georgia, but decided against going back when she got hit by a car
  • Late 2006 Decided that the south was no longer for her, and set off to find a place to call home
  • 2007 til late 2008 Wandering the country, mostly via hedge trods. Got lost quite a bit and ended up in a few different cities.
  • Mid 2008 Met SantaAna while briefly staying in California. Became friends briefly before Cordelia headed out again.
  • Late 2008 Ended up in Annapolis, met Martin Weir, and decided that Annapolis wasn't horrible, and got a job at the funeral home
  • Late 2010 til 2014 Wasn't heard from by anyone outside of Annapolis
  • December 2014 Became Winter Monarch, against her will, after fighting to free the freehold of Annapolis
  • January 2015 Joined the Knighthood of the Utmost Silence
  • March 2015 Gave the Winter Crown to the Spring Monarch, was the happiest anyone had ever seen her
  • April 2015 Helped rescue Sahara and Aleksandra from Arcadia and went after the privateer Red
  • July 2015 Attended the Summer Games in Roanoke, faced a True Fae, decided maybe it's not the best idea to gather a shit ton of changelings in the hedge
  • November 2015 Tamed a giant fucking skeleton that had been terrorizing Annapolis for a few months by declaring her feelings for Martin to it, helped fight off the True Fae that controlled it previously
  • December 2015 Spent the entire month being followed by a mariachi band hired by Ammon Lu
  • January 2016 Went to a dance in Charleston with Ammon Lu; her funeral home burned to the ground
  • February 2016 Helped fight an Actor in Charleston and rescue the changelings in his fortress
  • April 2016 Kinda sorta in a relationship with Ammon Lu


  • She was an Unseen
  • She doesn't want to be Winter Monarch
  • Everything that Martin Weir does, he does on her orders.
  • No, Cordelia does everything that Martin Weir tells her to.
  • She is capable of controlling Martin.
  • Lives off of booze and chocolate exclusively
  • She is completely over her head when dealing with Martin.
  • She really can't stand Nina and is secretly plotting her demise.
  • She tamed a fucking gigantic skeleton monster
  • She is hopelessly in love with Martin Weir, and publicly declared her love for him
  • She holds the secret that defends the pants of Martin Weir
  • I heard she cannot make a cup of cocoa to save her life
  • Cordelia is Nina's shadow. Where Nina is white, light and good, Cordelia is black, dark and sinister.
  • Cordelia kills people with kindness
  • Um, is kindness the name of her dagger?
  • Cordelia has gotten over Martin
  • Cordelia get over Martin? Ha, don't make me laugh
  • Call her nonthreatening and she will stab you in the face
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Quotes from Cordelia

  • "Fuck this shit."
  • "I can't take you anywhere." [After Martin Weir causes another one of his incidents.]
  • "The fucking thing is coming back isn't it?" [In reference to the Winter Crown]
  • "I will fucking stab you."
  • "I've embalmed and prepared old people who've wasted away, and children who died in car crashes and are basically jello in a bag, and mothers who's young kids were crying in the front office. I've buried every single member of our freehold who has died. All those who fought and died fighting Lord Loss. I embalmed them, and dressed them, and fucking did their make up. I put Honey in her coffin and touched up her make up so it looked just like she fucking liked it."
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Quotes about Cordelia

  • She amuses me. Her anger and frustration are excellent masks behind which she hides a clever mind. Cas Winchester
  • Cordelia's a smart winter, not afraid to fight, and definitely cares about the other people she's fighting with. I'm glad to know her, and glad to know Annapolis has her help. DJ Radix
  • "Wait were you just nice to me...and not sarcastically? You do realize I am going to hug you now, right?" SantaAna
  • "She reminds me of a bear. I don't know why. Just does." Ammon Lu
  • "You shouldn't have done that." - Martin Weir
  • "Haven't seen Cordelia around in a while, but now and then I hear someone muttering 'dumbass' under their breath." John Vimes
  • "My motley mate and friend? Not sure, definitely an ally but sometimes it's hard to tell if we're actually friends." Jack Daniels
  • "I once read a short story about a utopia with peace and love and harmony. It wasn’t a happy story though, in this story, there was a child who was kept in the cellar of a building. This child never had and never would know love or kindness, this child was mistreated and abused and neglected. Everyone in this story knew about this child, it was important that they know about it, because that’s how they believed they had achieved peace. All the misery and sorrow of the world was confined to one person. Cordelia always reminds me of that story." Elise Fairview
  • "Cordelia pushes people away, but I think it's because she doesn't feel like she deserves anyone. I was like her before, and still am in some ways. I don't think she knows it, but Cordelia is like a sister to me." *Kage*
  • "Either join the Squires or stop trying to provoke the absurdly powerful storm of death that managed to tame Martin into marriage." John Vimes
  • "I know you're miserable, but stop spreading it to my wife. Deal with it... or hide it. You're Winter. It's what you do." Martin Weir
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The Wolves by Bon Iver

Winter Song by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson

Nightlight by Silversun Pickups

I of the Storm by Of Monsters and Men

I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick of Time by Bon Iver

Catch in the Dark by Passenger

The Sound of Silence by Disturbed

More Coming...

OOC Information

Player: Shannon McGovern

MES Number: US2014020043

Location: Maryland