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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Wiki page for the MES Requiem PC, "Corey Blaire, of House Loris, Les Succubi Carriere

-- played by Jake Becker (US2014010075), jakebecker11 @ gmail
-- PC is attached to the Columbus GA VSS for "Twilight Basin Requiem"

House Loris
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IC Information:

Appearance and Character Traits

Corey is 5'8", with short auburn hair usually spiked in the front or swept to the side. Corey has blue eyes (striking looks 4) and is usually seen in nice jeans, a button up shirt, suit vest, and his dock hat. He speaks with a distinctly Irish accent. Corey is very charismatic, and although he has returned to vampire society only recently, he learns very quickly. He is a social climber, and knows how to pull strings when the occasion arises.


Born on January 6th, 1923, in Salthill, Ireland, Corey lived in Ireland until the age of 15. His father moved to Columbus to work in the factories there. That is where Corey met his soon-to-be wife, Evelyne. They married a month after Corey's 19th birthday, and the next week, Corey left to fight in World War II as a medic. After serving with honor until the end of the war, Corey returned home to his wife, and began med school, becoming a doctor within a few years. When the Korean war struck, he left home once more, joining the Army as a medical officer and shipping off to Korea. While there, a grenade landed in a bunker he was posted in, and as he pushed another soldier out the door, the grenade went off. His left leg was peppered with shrapnel, and he was sent home.

While in physical therapy, he noticed a man watching him. The man was named Adalrico Nikkos of House Loris. Adalrico, AKA Rico, approached Corey with an offer to "heal his wounds like they never existed." Corey was given Rico's blood. After the wounds were healed, Corey was embraced in 1955, at the age of 32.

Even with his new life of undeath, Corey and Evelyne maintained their marriage happily, with Evelyne becoming a ghoul to live with him. But in 1957, disaster struck. A small group of hunters broke into Corey's Haven while he was away. He came home to see the bloody aftermath. Enraged, he proceeded to hunt down every last member of the hunters, using their families to get to them. The deed was done and finished. Later that year, Rico went on his own rampage, dropping into torpor, and Corey was blamed. His brother, Nathan Quinn, convinced the family to turn their backs on Corey. He left Columbus in the year of 1961.

Now Corey has returned to Columbus, ready to set amends for the past. And ready to earn his place once more.


  • Corey is currently disfavored in Columbus, GA, for speaking out of place to the prince.
  • He might be a demon.
  • Corey doesn't keep a diary because he can't keep secrets.
  • Southern legends whisper of a Kindred who single-handedly cleared Central GA of a cult of infernal diablerists; Corey Blaire is that vampire.
  • Corey was embraced because of his mental illnesses
  • Corey was gone for so long, learning the way of the ninja in the mountains of Tibet from a shadow cult bent on world domination.


  • "There are certain things best forgotten." – Nathan Quinn
  • "Mr. Blaire intrigues me, he seeks something that is both noble and terrifying. It will be his ruin or his triumph. Only Allah knows which it will be, and if he can live with the consequences." – Hibba Qaderi
  • "He's the first who wished me to address him as 'uncle' and yet, the most ostracized in the family. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate decades of carelessness." – Yuuko Miyako
    • "'After further reflection, perhaps I am the one who is careless." – Yuuko Miyako
  • "Corey has down syndrome and doesn't know it." – Joey Dagger
  • "He's not one of the Dixie Talon's preferred targets, but he keeps wandering into the cross hairs and making of himself such delicious prey." – Miss Hayden Sinclair, at Southern Conclave in casual conversation with a visitor from the west coast.
    • "Then again, it isn't Corey's fault that my brother can't keep his fangs in his own mouth when it matters most." – Miss Sinclair, upon later reflection.
  • "Corey is a dear, angry, unfortunate soul to whom the unthinkable has happened time and time again, yet others somehow continue to blame him because he is young and at time appears foolish. If Orlando and I are the only two to ever give him a fair chance, then I hope it will be the chance he needs to flourish and prove everyone wrong."~ Kate Loris