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Cormac O'Malley

Irish Autumn.jpg OneInchSpacer.png Seeming-wizened.png OneInchSpacer.png Court-summer.png OneInchSpacer.png Court crown summer.png
Aliases: Grampa
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Brewer
Court: Summer
Freehold: The Bitten Apple
Titles:: Summer Monarch




If you looked up "black Irish" in the dictionary, you'd find a picture of Cormac. It's hard to tell how old he is, other than "not too old to kick your ass but old enough that you feel bad letting him do it." He speaks in a gruff voice with a strong Irish accent.


Cormac goes from stereotypical to almost cartoonish in his resemblance to a little old drunk Irishman - his voice is even more gravelly, and the words 'leprichaun' (or 'chlurican' if you really know what you're talking about) come to mind. There's also something a bit birdlike about him, the way he struts and puffs his chest up when he's angry that recalls a rooster.


All of life's little irritants are just amplified around Cormac, and one can feel their ears burn as if their blood was boiling just before a fight.


Cormac keeps his hat firmly on his head whenever possible, but during the summer, ...well 'crest' is really the only word for the golden feathers that appear on his head.


Life according the Cormac is short and sharp like a dagger. You can either let it sit and gather dust or pick it up and put it to the most use you can. He’s had so many people in his life come and go that it’s convinced him of life’s frailties - which comes into sharp contrast with his own life, that seems just go on and on. His many years of serving the Freehold as the slow years have gone by has also convinced him that that is his personal curse – to continually watch those he cares about live and die and leave him behind again and again until God finally decides he’s had enough.


Known Information

He's part of a large Irish family, one that includes Iarann, Donn Branson and Tric, and has been around NYC for decades. He, Donn and Lachoros are the Old Men of the Bitten Apple, changelings who've been around so long nobody else remembers where they come from.

He and his wife Carol run a pub in the East Village, and have a very healthy (and open) sex life.

Personal History

  • 1919 - a man named Cormac O'Malley is born.
  • 1938 - that man marries his sweetheart, Bridgett.
  • 1949 - another man named Cormac O'Malley is 'born'.
  • 1951 - the 'original' Cormac O'Malley is brutally (but mysteriously) murdered.

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Branches and Knots



Summer Courtiers





  • He drinks so much because if he lets his blood-alcohol content go down too low he starts aging normally and will die in minutes.
  • Cormac is far older than he seems, and immigrated during the Potato Famine.
  • There is not a single surface in their pub that he and Carol haven't frickle-frackled on.
  • He isn't Irish at all, he just puts the accent on to trick people.


  • "Cormac is a fine Sovereign, truly. Patient and wise...and old. So very old. But don't think that old means he won't beat your ass if you give him lip. Wait until Autumn for that..." - Ceili Kennedy
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Contact Info

Player: Chris St. Louis
Domain: NY-004-D
VST: Abby E.

DC: Ephraim G.