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The early bird guts the worm...


Aliases: Animalia Chordata Cainite Tzimisce Tzimisci-Sanctus Aves-Cainite Corvidae Corvus Corvo
Clan: Tzimisce
City: Raleigh
Pack: Distorted Reflection


OOC Info

Player: Robert Nunley
Member Number: US2014010019
VST: Amanda B


Barely recognizable as a man, Corvo stands at just over five feet tall and is covered in beautiful black feathers. His head is no longer human, but rather obviously crow-like despite wearing a pair of spectacles, and a pair of vestigial wings poke out from two holes in the back of his long jacket. His legs end in large avian talons, barely suited to walking, and rarely moves at anything more than a leisurely pace. On the rare occasions that he is seen with the Mask on, he appears as a frail, erudite man in his young thirties. Regardless of his form, he is never seen without a flock of crows in the immediate area. ...Some of them spit acid.

Corvo is quite the friendly and helpful Cainite, always willing to assist his fellow brothers and sisters. This help is often unwanted however, as he is all too willing to use his powers of the blood to "improve" those around him. When not offering such assistance to his friends and allies, Corvo approaches the Sword's problems as a scientist rather than as a warrior. He rarely chooses the violent path, but instead seeks out information and alternative solutions. And to no one's surprise, many of his solutions and explanations indeed refer to creatures of the avian persuasion. His obsession is clear, though the cause is mostly unknown. He has been noted to show up to meetings of the Sword styled after various different bird breeds.


  • 1985 - Embraced in Huntersville, NC
  • 1988 - Began traveling the US as a member of the Sabbat
  • 2015 - Returned to North Carolina and aided in the founding of Distorted Reflection


Known Associates

Distorted Reflection

  • Katie - Ductus
  • Callidus
  • Vee
  • Temperance
  • Jacob Thorn
  • Jehoel


  • Freya
    • Asmond
    • Corvo


For some reason, Corvo always seems to be extra friendly and nice to Gargoyles.


For some reason, Gargoyles tend to not like Corvo very much.


From Others

From Him


  • Corvo has modeled his body after several bird breeds other than crows for special occasions, including a penguin and a bird of paradise.
  • He's so obsessed with birds that he's given himself a cloaca.




  • Swain - League of Legends

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