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Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Stargazers
Breed: Homid
Pack: The Untouchables
Sept: Sept of Roadrunner's Promise
Rank: Fostern
Glory: ••••
Honor: ••
Player: Michael Day
Storyteller: WtA VST

معلومات شخصية

Character Information

Name: Corvus Faisal Asad

Known Aliases: Dmitri Azerov

Known Deed Names: Stands His Ground, Riddles of Fury

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Stargazer

Relevant Mechanics: Pure Breed 3, Natural Leader, and seems to be unusually calm for a Garou.

Notable Traits: Corvus bears several Tattoos, though most remain hidden from view, some are not. On the left side of his neck he bears the I-Ching representation of the Element of Fire. On his right hand, the symbol of his Tribe is tattooed between his thumb and index finger. On the back of his neck, the symbols for his Auspice, and Breed are found.

Description: Standing well over six feet in height and bearing a mix of Celtic and Arabic descent, it seems obvious which is the most prominent. His frame is powerful, not in the lean muscled look of athletes or those who train excessively, but in the fashion of a man who has battled monsters of legend and myth. His skin holds a dusky hue, a clue as to what part of the world he hails from. Though obviously powerful, he bears no scars, no reminders of battles fought in the past. It isn't until you meet his gaze that you can see the cost of his battles. His eyes belie his rank, the contradiction is disconcerting at best. How one so young in the Nation holds the gaze of a seasoned warrior seems to beg many questions of origin. What story remains untold?


Add a Quote

  • "We all have our time to shine, and Corvus will shine brighter than any other." - Bad Moon Rising
  • "Do not be fooled by his stillness, he is a finely tuned predator, and can strike at any moment." - Runs the Gauntlet
  • "Ever been told ‘It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for’? I would remember that quote. Underestimating him might just be the last thing you do. Because while you dismiss him, he has already determined how you are going to die." -Lucky Strike
  • "Young. Full of potential. Full of purpose. We all were." -Stands With Honor
  • "He seems really quiet, but capable. He's all calm and stuff, but I'm sure there's like multiple cans of whoop-ass in there somewhere." - Gaia's Qwerty
  • "Suspicion is healthy. It keeps us aware. It keeps us vigilant. It reminds us that the wyrm has more complex and subtle shapes than hordes of banes, fomori and the dancers of the spiral. But to slap a hand of friendship away simply because you do not see a use for it in the moment is not wise. I have hope he will learn. I know my packmate, Jide would teach him, if he would but ask."- Steel Vice Bite

وتكثر الشائعات

Rumors Abound

  • The few Garou who have known him previously whisper that he was a cub for nearly seven years. Though few seem to have any desire to speculate as to why.
  • The pack he travels with has been in some cases described as worse than any pack of Black Spiral Dancers.
  • The calm exterior is a mere affectation, the truth is that he is little better than a savage monster.
  • His acceptance of the western Garou is merely a ruse to gain some specific information.
  • He is loyal to the Jade Kingdoms and as a result views western Garou as "heathens"
  • It is rumored that he is a master of every form of combat, as a result he seems to be one of the most flexible warriors in his home Sept.

الإلهام حرف


Character Inspirations


  • Body of Lies - I and the public know what all schoolchildren learn, those to whom evil is done, do evil in return.
  • Warrior- The devil you know...
  • The Recruit- it seems.
  • The Mechanic- Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.
  • The Punisher- Si vis pacem, para bellum

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OOC Information

Player: Michael Day

MES Number: US2002023926

Location: Phoenix, Az