Cosmic Banditos

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Cosmic Banditos

Information Known to the Sword of Caine

A pack with a strange past, the Cosmic Banditos were formerly in charge of helping to finance the Sword of Caine through drug smuggling. Unfortunately most of the pack died in the first assault on New York City. Recently they have reemerged and are actively working towards making a name for themselves in Newark, NJ.


The Cosmic Banditos believe that it is important to have a sense of humor mixed with being horribly dangerous.


  • Define, consolidate, and improve their territory in Newark.
  • Aid in defeating the Camarilla.
  • Avoid pack members getting ashed due to practical jokes.


Newark. They are in negotiations to define exactly where their boundaries are.


Olivia Mauberret, Ductus
Boomer, Priest

Our Allies

Our Enemies

Camarilla in general.


Rumors about the Pack

Boomer is working on some sort of awful plan. Boomer is always working on some sort of awful plan. Olivia and that a thing? Olivia has a secret collection of adorable stuffed animals.


Fun loving and dangerous people. We usually prefer people who like explosives but are willing to talk to anyone who isn't going to get ashed by doing something stupid. You must either already have Fortitude or be willing to learn it. Seriously. We won't budge on this one!

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