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Known Information




  • Queen Catherine from the Tudors
  • Mary Sibley from Salem
  • Cercei Lannister from GoT


  • Acknowledged by Edward Porter in Austin, TX
  • Noble as Magister Primogen of Austin, TX
  • Confirmed, Established, and Privileged as Elder
  • Honorable by Toby Dior, Harpy of New York
  • Favored by Callistus Santiago, Elder Magister and Patriarch of House Silva, Richmond, VA

Publicly known

Costanza is a member of the House Silva, a line of Magisters that have always been Camarilla and are extremely Camarilla loyal. As expected of her blood, she is regal and elegant in her mannerisms, and prefers a more refined way of doing things. She usually can be seen ingratiating herself into a Camarilla court, but has the patience to take her time when doing so and understand the intricacies of the social and political dynamics. She is known for her integration of prominent figures into Society after they have joined the Camarilla.

Known Timeline

  • 1660 - Embraced.
  • 1675 - Witnesses the embrace of her broodmate, Malachai
  • 1682 - 1692 - Squired under Benedict Sebastien Cross to travel and combat the Sabbat in Europe, including Eastern Europe
  • 1693 - 1717 - Served as a member of the European courts in an Ambassador fashion for her clan, primarily the Spanish court
  • 1775 - Reappears in Boston at the time of the Tea Party and is reunited with her Sire, Callistus.
  • 1790 - Embraces first childe, Dario Gutierrez (NPC)
  • 1815 - 1866 - Tracy Somerset serves Costanza
  • 1877 - Embraces Jacob Stewart
  • 1881 - There was a failed assassination attempt on Montano. Magisters look inward for treachery. Dario was discovered as part of the treachery and handled in house.
  • 2015 - Travels to San Antonio



  • "even Costie's shadow is older than dust."
  • "It would be wise not to entertain close relationships with Costanza. Rumor has it that all of her lovers end up banished or dead."
  • Insert your rumors here


  • "Costanza is akin to the moon, brilliant, and desirable. One should hope never to see her dark side." Callistus Santiago

  • "If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!" - Matthew 6:23 recited by Salvador Noventa

  • "Miss Rodriguez is someone whom I have found over the centuries an interesting and articulate creature. While we must agree to disagree on many points, she will always be my cinnamon in this world of many flavors. Just enough spice to whet my pallet, and an indulgence I find quite enjoyable." - Sergio Giovanni

  • "Oh that Costanza is so fancy. She has her hankies and those fashionable beads. She reminds me of my grand daughter, Samantha. She was regal, too. Got spurned by the boys. Granted, she was six; but that's neither here nor there. And she was gracious enough to talk to me."-Mabel Ruby

  • "Constanza? Está hermosa, tranquila, y peligrosa, como la hija de la Luna y el Diablo." - Miguel Culebra

  • "She is an enigmas wrapped in shadow. One part Old World grace, coupled with one part political predator. But it is the shadowy tendrils of her beauty that I fear most. For they ensnare me, rousing my beast, and pulling at my very soul." - Benedict Sebastian Cross


  • "Lady Rodriguez conducts herself in a manner rarely seen in the twenty first century. I find it refreshing and welcoming to see the Magisters rise and reclaim their rank within the Camarilla with poise and grace." - Edward Porter

  • ""A pleasant reminder that everyone becomes an elder eventually. She certainly gives credit to her clan. Who knows what may come of my 'young' friend one day? A Magister Primogen perhaps?" -Clermont Atwater

  • "She says she no longer dances. I say she's never stopped." - Angelo

  • ""How does one define Darkness? Poised, Graceful, Elusive...a Dangerous Elegance in all her Glory." -Sebastian Frost

  • "χαλεπὰ τὰ καλά, Elder Rodriguez, my dear friend understands this." -Darjius Anakletos

  • "The only Kindred whose existence interests me are my childer, with few exceptions. Costanza is one of those." - Roger Dartmoor

  • "Even in sadness one can find beauty, and perhaps the moonlight reveals to us some secret loveliness that most will never know." - Franziskus Winter

  • "Watching her has taught me in the world of diplomacy, some things are better left unsaid." - Edwynn Torres

  • "When she dances, it's a storm of shadows, beauty in negative space." - Sebastien deBourbon

  • "My dark majestic queen. She brings the bright light of a red flower to my existence." - Temperance Everett

  • "Let me put it to you this way, I wouldn't necessarily push her off a cliff. But, I wouldn't help her up either. And I just might step on her fingers on the way out. Frenenemies, that's the word I would use." - Jupiter Lotis

  • "The Magister comes from a place where lords and ladies understood their responsibilities, and the nightly dance of court was one where those who listen more than they speak are the ones left standing. Though it is a pity she was not embraced into the Kings, I believe she is the face and voice her own clan needs for survival in these turbulent times." - Maxwell Jacobs

  • "Cher cousin, nous sommes deux côtés d'une même pièce. (Dear cousin, we are two sides to the same coin.)" - Aimee RIchilieu de Bisette

  • "My sire is everything you should fear, respect, and look towards all at once. Remember that with every word, that nothing is done without purpose, and that those who are devoted to her do so without question." - Jacob Stewart

  • "As the defacto public face of House Silva, Señora Rodriguez is in an uneviable position. If that troubles her at all, she gives no indication of it; admirable." - |Prince Serafin

  • "It is unwise to show disrespect to Elder Lady Costanza, she makes friends easily and does her utmost to tend to those relationships." - |Tony D

  • "When the moon's bright enough, when darkness can't hide a thing, she'll see there's love in light."June

  • "The idea that the Magisters belong to the darkness is easily dismissed upon first sight of Senora Rodriguez-- something so lovely belongs in the view of those who can appreciate it."Dr. Gabriel Tennyson

  • "Some find comfort in the darkness; I, myself, have always striven towards the light. Still after meeting the lovely Costanza Rodriguez I have come to understand this seductive allure towards the dark."Matthew Alright

  • "Please don't suppose that we're engaging in this conversation so that you can attempt to manipulate me for information about my Grandsire. Just who did you imagine taught me the finer points of conversing? We're playing a game, you and I...but we aren't players. I am a piece in her hand and you...are a tiresome bore, unfit even to be removed from play. Do run along to the hand that moves you, before I do it anyway." - Irvine

  • "We fought together in 'civilized' political arenas, we have battled back-to-back at our most feral. She, her family, and The Beloved have an understanding that took centuries to cultivate. They are slow to trust, which makes their loyalty to The Tower almost rival ours. ...Almost."Dylan R Lancaster

  • "Someone dear to me once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift. - Feodor Krasny On relations with Lady Costanza

  • "She is my blár stiarna... Oh dear, you have gone and made her cross. I pity you for you have brought the darkness down upon you."' - Otama

  • "Speak many words, flowery, soft. Eyes betray, not gentle. Beware anger." - Stoneking

  • "She is a politician by the truest sense. She can spin a web of shadows that most have no hope of finding the light. She is clever, but she must be careful not to weave her strands too close together or she will bind herself, unable to move." Ivan Rook

  • "I have great respect for this Magistra. Even in moments of disagreement she is never anything less than a lady." - Magdalene Lys

  • "Isn't it the nature of darkness that there is always something hidden within? So the question when dealing with the Magisters is not if they are hiding something, but what it is they are hiding..." - Dr. Gabriel Tennyson

  • "From what I have seen The Magisters do, there is a very good reason to fear the darkness and the Abyss often associated with it. In that same vein, a Lady such as Elder Constanza deserves even more consideration. Not just because of what she can do by her blood, but more importantly, because she's a Lady, and they can create far more damage with a look and kind words than a solid punch to the gut." - Zack Snyder

  • "Costanza was shaped into the darkness, and in that darkness...those shadows are capable of unspeakable things. They are her grief and dust and bitter longings. It is always best to remain in her light." - Constance Fournier

  • "I've only met Elder Rodriguez in San Juan. Meeting her, despite the awkward circumstance, was a pleasure. I do hope to see her again soon." - Leonardo "Leon" Finch

  • "I think...maybe...I'll in San Antonio..." - Hermes Reginald Waldenbrook

  • "She has always been so kind to me. I would love to see her in one of my designs!" - Philippa Bryery

  • "Isn't it the nature of darkness that there is always something hidden within? So the question when dealing with the Magisters is not if they are hiding something, but what it is they are hiding..." - Gabriel Tennyson

  • "Oh, she must think herself very smart indeed. Far more wise and world-worn than any of the rest of us. Tragedy is not so uncommon."- Anne Sterling

  • "'Darkness had no need of aid from them— She was the Universe.' These words represent my thoughts about Costanza Rodriguez."Angelo

  • "After reading her words on the internet for so long, it was such a pleasure to discover she lives up to the expectation I built up in my mind. I feel she should know this about herself."- Edward Vincent Icabod Livingston IV

  • (In French)"A shadow with a crown, a queen of the dark...I'm certain she is more than one to keep eyes on."- Guillaume

  • "Smile and be agreeable. There are some shadows not even I wish to play with.Jayne

  • "When flint meets stone, fire is born. I have seen the flint in her eyes and the fires yet to be born." Jeannie

  • "Shakespeare knew well when he spoke of his Dark Lady. Surely he must have been speaking of her." The Broken

  • "The shadows cling to her like jealous lovers, but when she gazes upon you with those fiery Spanish eyes, the shadows are as drapes before the spotlight of her radiance." Earl Stedman Harrington

  • "I had heard of Lady Costanza through a number of channels, and was eager to meet her face to face. Upon meeting her I noticed that first, she is a Lady, that much is certain. Second, contrast that with the command she can wield in a room, and it further shows there's a leader and warrior under that elegance. Third, I would not want to be one to be the subject of her ire. I can say that everything I heard...was true." Bernard Green

  • "A point of light, despite the darkness. A star, guiding the wise who mind her on their journey through the night." Midas Madison

  • "I'm so happy she has migrated up to Austin. I was finding it lonely without a Magister in town." Aoife Nicomedo

  • "I think it one of life's greatest beauties that a moon that casts shadows, removes them at its highest point, only to hiring them back." Dr. Gabriel Tennyson

  • "She is as beautiful as a moonless night. It was am absolute pleasure making get acquaintance." - Lione Bonacorsi

  • "She is elegant, polite, and always ready with a nice conversation. I look forward to a strong and reliable relationship between her and I" Franc

  • "I met her once when she was hanging around Prince Porter, she introduced herself with her full name and said it with such a prissy response that I almost laughed. I just responded with Costanza. Why is it every one of these shadow wielding fucks that I have ever met thinks they are the best thing that happened to whoever they meet?.. I just don't understands it..." Enzo Putanesca

  • "I have learned a great deal from her, I confess. It's probably best not to elaborate exactly what I have learned from her, though." Scarlett Thorne


OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Lasombra Antitribu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Erica Martinez
Storyteller: Nick Kice

Player: Erica Martinez
MES Number: US2002021903

  • Elder: USA-SC-VC-1502-023567
  • Lasombra Clan: USA-SC-VC-1502-023566

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