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"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." -Aristotle


What is the Council of Petals?

The Council organizes the Social Gatherings and Salons of their Region. These individuals are selected by popular vote of their region, making them the paragons of their clan within their region.

As a single body they organize Carnivale and the Halloween Ball. They also have a strong voice in selecting the Toreador Clan Head and setting the trends of the Clan.

How is the Council Chosen?

Members of the Council of Petals are selected by vote and each region is represented by one Councillor. Each city in a region receives one vote that must be cast by the Toreador Primogen -OR- Prince of the area (One vote only. Highest status individual casts this vote). Candidates for the Council of Petals are nominated by others or self-­nominated publicly prior to the election. Reassessment times can vary from region to region, but most Toreador look to reassess their Councillor on a yearly basis as styles and trends wax and wane.

The Current Council

East Central:
Franziskus Winter
Great Lakes:
Veronica Devries
North East:
Sofie Renner
North Central:
Alexandre d'Aumont
North West:
South West:
Clara Azure
South East:
South Central:
Clé deMontes

2014 - 2015 Candidates

TBD - please watch list for announcments.

Upcoming Petal-Sponsored Events

  • Other Prestigious Events of Beauty - TBA
    • Description: TBA
    • Host: TBA