Councilor John Smith

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Accord NPC

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Player: aNST Accord
Creature Type: Mage
Division: The Accord High Council
City: Everywhere
VST: aNST Accord

Character Information

Name: John Smith

Creature Type: Mage of some kind

Accord Status: VII

Notable Traits: He often wears a distinct, multicolor, patchwork robe.

Position and Title: High Councilor of the Accord, Head of the High Council


Smith is a tall gentleman with short sandy blonde hair and a thin beard. The beard has touches of grey, and follows along lines that draw from the corner of his eyes.

He is something of a patient enigma, taking information in while offering little detail in return, though he has appeared as courteous in most of his interactions with Accordists.

In the Accord

Invite Only! Operation: Sphinx Operation: Skeleton Key A-Team Mission Patch

John Smith had the first known encounter with Abominations. He subsequently repurposed the existing Council of Mysteries to address the matter of the threat to reality, and has led the High Council since then.

While most of his activities on behalf of the Accord remain on a need-to-know basis, he has made appearances in Operation: Sphinx and in the aftermath of Montreal to take custody of Arthur Granby.

Accord Timeline

  • Nov 12, 1998 - encounters his first Reality Abominations.
  • Aug 19, 1999 - returns to the Council, which is now reduced to a handful of aging believers. He revitalizes it, the Concord is redrafted into an official charter and the Accord is created.
  • June 11, 2000 - almost killed while leading a team to wipe out a major incursion. The battle attracts the attention of VIRGIL. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake ensues and the incursion is eliminated. VIRGIL is added to the Council.
  • Oct 25, 2008 - orders Frank Langley not to lead a large team of Cells to close a massive Tear and is ignored.
  • Nov 9 - Nov ??, 2013 - assembles and leads Operation: Sphinx, bringing the Arisen into the Accord.
  • December 2014 - receives Arthur Granby upon the completion of Operation: Skeleton Key and spends a month ensuring that he is safe to return to the Accord.
  • May 4, 2015 - announces official High Council Patronage for each division, becomes the Patron for the Gatekeepers.
  • May 11, 2015 - announces the judgment and death of Dr. Lillian Cross for crimes against the Accord, including sedition, and attempted murder.

Early History

In 1032, John Smith emerged and established the Council to manage conflicts between large groups of supernaturals. In 1719, he moved to the new world and in 1901 he brought together the Council of Mysteries which.

In 1998, John Smith encountered the first Abominations known to have been sighted in this world, and he turned to the Council to help against the Incursions, founding the Accord.

There is, however, some uncertainty to the validity of this record -- in the wake of an Accord effort in Montreal, Councillor Smith suggested that he is proof of allies from other worlds.

True to form, he did not elaborate on what that meant.


Known Associates

Vlad "Dracula" Tepes
Blair McMullin
Red Tape
Son of Wolf
Senator Ellenore Wells




From Him

  • "In a universe of infinite realities, anything is possible."
  • “As for potential allies in other realities, I am proof of their existence."

About Him

  • And John Smith gazed upon the Accord and said "Let There Be Mummies" - Ryan Crouch, Operation Sphinx


  • known to be a very powerful mage.
  • brought the Council back from obscurity to combat The Truth.
  • seems to know a lot of things that will happen, before they happen.
  • he writes emails like a pompous jerk.
  • Merlin? Possibly?
  • Aleister Crowley? Maybe?
  • He's totally an Arch Master of Prime. But like, what is he doing on this plane?
  • There is a reason only this man could walk the Accord into Egypt and bring back mummies. He is Joseph, Son of Jacob, a former adviser to the Pharaohs of old. Egypt is in his blood. They owed him.