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With great effort, and many sacrifices, the Court has bought a shaky peace. The city still reels from the battles which shook it to the core, and the Kindred cling desperately to the flotsam of the aftermath. With so many barely keeping their heads above the water, it's only a matter of time before a large enough wave covers them.

About Our Game

Our games tend to focus on plot-based story with PvP elements (primarily social PvP, but physical is not unheard of) interspersed throughout. We are a chapter (MD-001-C) of the Dark Capital Domain, and often have players from our game attend theirs, and vice-versa. We welcome veteran and brand new players alike. If you're interested in playing or visiting us, contact our Requiem VST or Coordinator.

Game Instructions


  • Our game schedule is set with the intent of working around DC's games, to allow players who choose to attend both games the ability to do so. That said, our games are typically scheduled as follows:
    • REQUIEM - 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month
    • ACCORD - 2nd Saturday of each month


  • From Court of Exiles VSS, Section 1.3.3
  • Starting Blood for a given game is card pull + herd + haven location
    • For Ordo Dracul PCs with Coil of Blood 1, pull a card. A 1-5 pull means the PC has 1/2 + BP + Herd for starting blood. A 6-10 pull means the PC is at full blood. This system reflects the Red Book.
  • Feeding draws: The PC engages in the method of hunting of their choice, a successful feeding draw (Attribute + Skill + Haven Location) fills a number of blood dots equal to 1/4 of their blood pool rounded up. A second successful feeding draw results in full blood, regardless of starting blood. For Ordo Dracul PCs with Path of Blood 1, a successful feeding draw puts them at full blood. Please note that if an Ace is pulled for a feeding draw, something interesting happens. It can be a good or bad interesting depending on further actions taken by the ST staff. Such scenes should never result in PC death.
  • Downtime feeding draws. If a PC has Resolve left, the PC can spend a downtime to add blood dots to their starting blood pool for a given gathering. Given that a downtime action takes place over several nights, make several blood draws appropriate to the PC's method of hunting. Each successful hunt results in a number of blood dots based on the ST's discretion.

Pre-Casts and Rituals

  • Please have a list of intended pre-casts and rituals.
  • Please do draws with the VST or a designated AVST prior to game and record successes.

Downtime Rules

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Court of Baltimore

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Baltimore Territory

Kindred of Baltimore


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Ascendent Covenant and Eminent Clan

Locations of Note

Either PC or NPC locations for that venue.

Useful Links

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