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Changeling PC

Player: Charles Lloyd
Character: Cowl
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Whisperwisp
Court: Autumn
Freehold: The Congress of Odd Fellows
VST: VST Zach Bartosik

Character Information

Name: Cowl

Seeming: Darkling



Notable Traits: Only speaks in a whisper.

Title or Position: Magus of the Gilded Thorn

Rumors: Add Some!

  • He never reveals his face, because he prefers to hide the horror from others...until the time is right.
  • Should you annoy Cowl, he won't act against you... initially. But he will remember. And, some time in the near future, when you find yourself being led by him through the hedge, he will make certain that you find yourself Lost once again.
  • Cowl hides his face, because he's sparkly and pale, like certain vampire stories...

OOC Information

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Player: Charles Lloyd

MES Number: US2010025350