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Awakening PC

Player: NPC
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow •••••
Legacy: Perfected Adepts
Position: Adamant Sage
Consilium: Uniontown, PA •••
City: Ohiopyle State Park
VST: EC aRST Jag Griffiths


Birth Name: Not public knowledge

Shadow Name: Crimson

Sleeper Alias: Michael Evans

Titles: Adamant Sage

Quote: "You can prevent your opponent from defeating you through defense, but you cannot defeat him without taking the offensive." ~ Sun Tzu

Character Description

A man in his mid-30s, he awoke as an Obrimos and is now a 2nd degree Master of Aether, as well as an accomplished martial artist. Crimson is known to be a member of the Perfected Adepts legacy, as well as a teacher of the more esoteric martial arts, known to the Ungula as the “Adamant Hand.” While he is a proud man, he is certainly not brash or violent. He is actually a fairly patient teacher, but does not think twice about teaching his students a harsh lesson or two. After all, Rose can always take care of any wounds they may receive through said lessons. He is the Adamant Sage of the East Central Caucus of the United States, running Arrow operations in the region and working to get the Cabals in the area to work together to fight against any threats to the Pentacle.


  • He is a US Army veteran, who had dreams of becoming an MMA fighter before his awakening.
  • He has traveled the world over the years, learning and training in a variety of martial arts.
  • He has developed his own unique style of fighting, which remains unmatched by every opponent he's faced to date.

OOC Information

This is an NPC under the jurisdiction of the EC aRST Awakening.