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Wroth General Calescence
Shelly Anderson
Iron Adjutants
Jack Daniels
John Vimes
Constable of Calefaction
Tobias Creed
Arrayer of Distant Thunder
Ceili Kennedy
Sun's Tongue for Spring
Raijin Lei Shen
Sun's Tongue for Autumn
Sun's Tongue for Winter

Shawn Orion Kuyper
Shelly Anderson
Tobias Creed
Ceili Kennedy
Raijin Lei Shen
Aleksandra Jordisson
Jack Daniels
John Vimes


Common belief among Knighthood scholars places the founding of the order in early America, around 1800, with a motley known as the “Cavaliers of Connecticut.” Rumor holds while the motley was founded in Connecticut, its members were from areas littered across the newly formed states. Reports of their deeds ranged across the countryside up and down the seaboard.

Rituals of the Knighthood
Like all Knightly Orders, the Crimson Knighthood has their own rituals. These have been passed down from one generation of Knight to the next. The Arrayer of Distant Thunder keeps the rituals during peace.

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Rite of First Blood (Induction Rite)
Rite of Mourning (Death Rite)
Rite of Crimson Burden (Penance Rite)

Code of Honor
Oppose All Enemies of the Lost
Let each Knight decide what constitutes an enemy and how they may fight. Not all battles are upon an open field; not all foes made of blood and sinew; not all Enemies clear and defined.

Respect any Freehold, its Sovereign, and Law
We must not be seen as a threat to our brothers and sisters and we must respect their wishes. Show respect for their homes, their laws, their Oaths. We are agents of order, not chaos, and we must respect the law, wherever we find it.

Cleave to Your Word
Whether a word given freely or invested with the power of the Wyrd, let us cleave to our word with the best of our power, and let none say we have ever forsaken it. Let our word be a strength, not a weakness.

Shirk Not Your Duty
We are the line between monsters and madness and we must never forget our place. It falls to each Knight do understand their duty and fulfill it, both to themselves and in the larger scheme. Fulfill your duty to the best of your power and stand proudly before your fellows.

Remember Mercy in All Dealings
Mercy is the sign of an enlightened and noble will, and all persons deserve it, even if they are not worthy of it. Grant mercy to all, no matter the the form or the cost.


  • Be a Summer Courtier ((Summer Mantle x1)) or have strong ties with the Summer Court ((Summer Goodwill x3))
  • Agree to follow the Code of Honor
  • Recruits are brought in as "Mule Squires," probationary members of the order. Mule Squires can witness and participate in most knightly activities but cannot vote. The probationary period lasts approximately six (6) months and allows recruits to get a feel for the order before pledging themselves fully.
  • After participating in the Rite of First Blood, recruits become Mud Grunts, full members of the order.

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As a member, you would be part of discussions for all of our activities and you would have a vote on each measure we put forward and election we hold. You would also have the opportunity to train with the best and be a member of an army ready to face any threat to changeling society.

For further details on the Crimson Knighthood and its positions, please see the Lost Chronicle Players' Guide: Lost Chronicle Player's Guide

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