Crispin Taylor

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Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Little Rock, AR
Player: S. Nelson
Storyteller: Little Rock VST

Basic Info

Name: Crispin Taylor

Clan: Nosferatu

Social Class: Neonate

Status: Acknowledged, Courageous (Prince Virginia lee), Praised (Master Harpy Ted Mack), Favored (Orenna Kamemnos), Favored (Elder Cenotaph,), Favored (Elder Raoul Lo Companos)

Character Description

Crispin's public face is that of his mortal form. He always uses this face when interacting, although has been known to use others.


  • Crispin lost the title of Sheriff due to overzealous actions that offended an Elder.
  • Crispin killed the Ventrue Octavian after he attacked the Senechal Lee and Elder Turner
  • Crispin eats animals, and is something of a feline connoisseur.
  • Crispin's true form is that of a horribly blackened corpse. Those who fought the Sabbat with him the day he lowered his mask saw it was terrible to look upon.
  • Crispin voluntarily stepped down as Scourge to peruse some unknown agenda for a Archon.


  • "Crispin has been both Sheriff and Scourge in Little Rock and he has pursued both sets of duties with the fervor and passion of the young." - Elisheva Hellgate
  • "Crispy? He's a good dude. It's just a shame that the Tower shits on him so much. I mean.... he looks like a dumpster fire, not a toilet." - Tommy C.
  • "Crispin...proof that anger is a potent tool." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "Meet Crispin, he's a very dangerous individual" - Raouli Lo Companes
  • "Ahh, young Crispin Taylor. Such potential. Like an ingot of normalized steel, heated past the critical point, but left to air cool, instead of being tempered." - de heer Davydov
  • "He certainly made an impression. No one gets that fucking angry unless they have been cheated, used, or played for a fool." - Serratus
  • "I gravitated toward him because he reminds me of a man I consider a brother. He is firm in his strengths and was exploited of his potential. And like my brother, he is eager to make sure none are treated as he was." - Danielle Ropchan
  • "He is young and holds a grudge; he carries his humanity on his sleeve. It will take a firm Elder to guide this young creature into the darker nights of future centuries. Perhaps, I can teach; more likely than not, I will fail." - Aedan Marshal


  • Crispin travels in wide circles and is known to associate with kindred from almost any clan


  • Sabbat
  • Crispin has voiced a deep distrust of the Followers of Set.
  • Nosferatu Elder DE Heer Davydov and Crispin were seen squabbling at a hosting in San Francisco


  • Crispin appeared out of the air in the middle of court in July, 2014. Since then he has served as Sheriff, Nosferatu Primogen, and Scourge.

Looking For

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OOC Info

Played by Sam Nelson