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Names & Aliases: Croix, any others are unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Rumored Affiliations: The Virkaar

A diminutive woman with an almost unsettling predatory bearing, Croix is typically clad in utilitarian clothing with her face shrouded under a hood. There is a strange tribal pattern is tattooed on her chin, and her unusual yellow eyes are more akin to a canine than human.

The vampire known as Croix was once a relative mystery, remaining on the fringes of Kindred society and holding fast to her nomadic and Independent ways. Those few that crossed paths with her and her broodmate Isaiah noted them for their relentless pursuit and destruction of Sabbat and their blatant disruption of Independent Clans' interests within the Caribbean. While she would nominally ally herself with Kindred of the Camarilla when it suited her, she gave no indication that she would ever pledge fealty to the Ivory Tower. She seemingly underwent a very sudden and unexpected change of heart in 1972, when she formally accepted Acknowledgement. She and her broodmate remained nomadic until recently.


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St skulldot.png "Oh yeah, remember this one time in Amarillo was totally able to cheat Croix in poker by saying 'Sabbat over there' before slipping the ace from my sleeve. Course didn't work so good second time." — Uror
St skulldot.png "My companion is the most lethal predator that stalks the darkness of night and is more loyal than any bond of blood could ever create. Those who cross her best hope for a swift demise under her claws... and usually they get just that.... But if not, if they manage to escape her wrath, we will find them and the swiftness of justice will be a fantasy they beg for." — Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek
St skulldot.png "Croix makes me wonder what she was like when she was alive--who looks at that 5-foot-nil cutie-pie and says, "I will make you into a creature of murder and darkness?" She's pretty terrifying. Like looking into the eyes of a war-hobbit who didn't get Elevensies..." — Kenzi Novak
St skulldot.png "There are allies you have because fortune has placed you together. There are allies you have because your paths have aligned. There are even allies you have because of a mutual hatred of a similar thing. Then there are allies you have because the alternative is suicide. You figure the rest out." — Wieland Þórarinn
St skulldot.png "Her blood brought me back from the edge of death. If you should cross us, we'll be happy to show you exactly what that place looks like." — Jasper Stark
St skulldot.png "When I think of Clan Gangrel, Croix is inseparable from that impression. Beyond the strength of her body, her strength of mind is unquestionable." — Chandra de Soissones
St skulldot.png "Croix is certainly everything a Gangrel should be. However, I have been her yield the composure of a Ventrue and the Fury of a Brujah. I hesitate to speculate on her other myriad talents, of which I'm sure she is in possession. Surely they would surprise few and horrify many." — Petra Palailogina
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St skulldot.png She is in an incestuous relationship with her supposed brother of the blood, Isaiah.
St skulldot.png She is a lot older than she has led everyone to believe.
St skulldot.png The Sabbat betrayed her, which is why she now hunts them zealously.
St skulldot.png Her tattoos are Sumerian.
St skulldot.png She is the Stig.
St skulldot.png Used to be a hunter of Demons. Retired for unknown reasons.
St skulldot.png She is a known diablerist with the thirst of the elders.
St skulldot.png She is all up in that Moonbeast lovin'.