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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Character: Cross
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Master of Harpies of Vancouver and Steward to the Brujah Clan-Head
Status: 8
Domain: Nova Albion CDN-01
VST: VST Pamela D.

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Vancouver, BC -
Storyteller: VST Pamela D.

About Cross

Name: Cross

Clan: Brujah

Sect: Camarilla

Born: 1660, Northern England

Embraced: 1690, Ontario, Canada

Generation: 8th

Status: Acknowledged

  • Abiding: Confirmed (Elder), Established (Elder), Privileged (Elder), Noble (Harpy), Prominent (Harpy), Guardian (Harpy)
  • Fleeting: Courteous (per Prince Stratton), Favored (per Jaimie Alexis Kelly), Defender (per Archon James Chau), Courageous (per Archon Orus), Loyal (per Prince Stratton)

Title or Position: Steward to the Canadian Brujah Clan-Head, Harpy of Vancouver, BC.

The Children of O'Callaghan: Lineage (OOC Info Only)

  • Lineage: Mackenzie
  • Sire: Seamus O'Callaghan, Prince of Barrie, ON
  • Sibling: Jaimie Alexis Kelly, Head of Clan Brujah
  • Sibling: Alonzo Morningstorm (NPC)
  • Childe: Caroline Sloan
  • Childe: Riker
  • Grandchilde: Talia Ferr
  • Children: It is said that Cross has other childer out there...

Whispered in the Bloody Dark: The Word on Cross

  • He's fought in more battles for the Camarilla than most over the years.
  • He's got a particular hate on for the Settite Anti-tribu, although why is not known.
  • He's particularly close to his 'sister', Jaimie Alexis Kelly, and his sire, Seamus O'Callaghan.
  • He's actually pretty calm for a Brujah, and very congenial. There's all of his Clan's fire there, but he holds its switch closely.
  • He is usually willing to teach others the basics of proper behaviour at Camarilla gatherings, making efforts to bring Anarch Brujah about so they too can benefit from the order of his sect.
  • He fought in the fall of the Sabbat for the Camarilla.

Those Who Know, Know: Allies, Associates and Enemies (OOC Information)


  • His Sire, the legendary Prince Seamus O'Callaghan of Barrie, ON.
  • His siblings, Jaimie Alexis Kelly, Clan-Head of the Brujah.
  • His children, Caroline Sloan and Riker, and his grandchilde, Talia.
  • Prince Tertius Straton of Vancouver, BC.
  • Sheriff Friedrich Götz of Vancouver, BC.
  • Xiaoli of Clan Toreador.


  • Jean-Baptiste, the Ventrue Primogen of Vancouver. For some reason, he is tolerating this guy, despite the diamond-encrusted stick that is deeply and firmly wedged.
  • The Toreador Primogen of Montreal, Cherry Poppin


  • Hunters and the Sabbat are his primary concern, with a particular hatred for Settite Anti-tribu.

Those Who Don't, Don't: Rumours

  • He's a shitty fighter. His 'wars' are fought in the sheets.
  • Cross? He chain-smokes because he's got an "oral fixation".
  • He plays billiards, using traitors as balls and spiked pits as pockets.
  • He bothers with the Anarchs because he's a glutton for punishment.
  • It is said amongst the Toreador that clearly, he is the most likeable of his family...
    • Feel free to add your own!

What the People Say: Quotes about Cross

  • "Cross is a very interesting Kindred, and fun to meet; I will never forget the look on his face, when we were introduced." - Eileen Vargas
  • "Mr. Cross is most cultured and an asset to his family and clan. He also understands the enjoyment of lunting." - Laszlo Bako
  • "Never met a more charming and hospitable Brujah." - Cherry Poppin
  • "One of the only two I would entrust my life to." - Jaimie Alexis Kelly
  • "Scary powerful mofo, but he has been really understanding with my current situation which he is partially responsible for. While I am admittedly pouty about the whole deal, he was only doing his duty regarding his Clan. Now how can I hold that against him? Marcellus would be most upset with me if I did." Tabetha Loth, Steward to the Malkavian Clan head.
  • "Nicer than I expected, and rather energetic for an elder. Maybe its the smoking? Encourages breathing, calms the nerves, gives him a tangible connection to humanity... Or maybe he just likes spreading around second hand smoke. Who knows?" - Patrick Gimlin
  • "I've noticed it's not everyone who gets to have a close tie to their grandsire. I've learned a lot through Cross, and the biggest of those lessons is the power of having someone who has your back, no matter what kind of shit hits the fan. And I won't deny it's a major plus having such a BAMF at my back..." - Talia Ferr
  • "Elder Cross? He is my brother in arms and a stalwart son of the Ivory Tower. He is also the perfect example of the reason why snipers exist. Would you want to be close to THAT when its angry?" - Friedrich Götz
  • "He smells like Lavender and Mint. Never trust a Brujah who smells like Lavender and Mint unless they know how to bake." Spencer the Younger
  • "Feel Free to add your own!" - You


You Know My Name - Chris Cornell, as performed by Poets of the Fall


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