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Accord PC

Player: NPC
Creature Type: Mage
Status: Alive
City: Broward County
VST: Josh "Thunder" Herman

Character Information

Name: Unknown

Alias: Crucible

Creature Type: Mage

Notable Personality Traits: Sadist, Black Sheep

Notable Physical Features:
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown

Fashion/ Appearance: Unknown

Personal Information: He is a sadist. Converts pain into power for spells. many find him to be a real nasty sort of guy.



  • He is from a Silver Ladder Dynasty and
  • He came here to avoid scandal.

[[Image: |thumb| Crucible Change Image]]

OOC Information

Supervising VST: Joshua "Thunder" Herman

MES Number: US2008062481

Location: Broward Accord