Csprings Sabbat History

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The City

Welcome to the shit show.

Carson, Schriever, Cheyenne Mountain/NORAD, Peterson, and the Academy. Military presence is strong here and huge. That means everything done in the area shows up as a blip on someone’s radar. It has been like this for a few years now. With Archbishop Luiz Del Rio there was an overwhelming focus on the silence of the blood. Things have gone at a frantically slow pace. It has never been about outright ruling and terror here, because that brings hunters almost every time. Luiz’s big plan was to be a thorn in the side, a war of attrition, and watching the Camarilla choke on it because their aggression could call hunters or government agents back on themselves.

The first crusade was a tragedy that ended in the Waldo Canyon Fire. That was also one hardly considered a crusade as the local Sabbat were hardly getting a foothold into the city sectioned off and kept away with fire. This had a repeat performance with Black Forest almost instantly after. The Camarilla seemed interested in using scorched earth tactics to keep people out, but such back to back shows of force taxed their ability to move after. The period of recovery followed and gave the Sabbat more than enough opening to find their way into city institutions and dig their heels in. Fire isn’t an option anymore. The Camarilla has never had a problem of this magnitude here, but such heavy handed tactics have left the Ivory Tower in a bit of a sink or swim predicament. Others among the camarilla are eager to watch the prince grovel for help.

How very, very wrong they were.