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  • There is a rot at the heart of the Colorado Springs Sabbat and that is why the Inquisition has such a strong presence here.
  • The Archbishop has not had the Blood Bath Ritae and thus has no right to lead.
  • There are TWO Kiasyd in the city and a conflict for the right to remain in Colorado Springs is not far off between them.
  • The Pack Darwin's Smile are kine sympathizers and refused to bring a human to the Sacrificial Ritea; instead they brought a Camarilla Cainite.
  • The Loyalists in the city are seeking to undermine the tenuous stability of the Sabbat in a power play move.


  • January 2015 - Gilles de Rais declared himself Archbishop and called the Sword of Caine to witness his strength. Some disputed his claim, but none stepped forward to demand his office or his death. After demanding that these Cainites give him "more effort", he ordered the New Life Church to be burned down.