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Approved for play at High Nov 20, 2014
Rusty Bukoski, NCARST, US2002021111

VSS Sabbat: Plan B

1 Basic Information

a. VSS Name: Plan B
b. Domain: Shadowed Peaks, Colorado Springs CO-015-D
c. Game Coordinates: 38.8339° N, 104.8208° W
d. VSS Physical Boundaries: Teller and El Paso County
e. VST: Michael Tann
f. DST: Sean Burgmen
g. Usual Game Time and Place: up in the air at the moment

2 Style of Play (rate 1-5 each)

a Physical 4 Mental 3 Social 3
b Action Combat and Challenges: 4
c Character Development - personal dilemmas and choices: 3
d Darkness – PC Death or Corruption: 5
e Drama – Ceremony and Grand Story: 3
f Intrigue – Politics and Negotiations: 3
g Manners – Social Etiquette and Peer Pressure: 2
h Mystery – Enigmas and Investigations: 4
i Pace – How fast will stories emerge and resolve: 2
j Tolerance – How much effort will be put into social sanctions before PC death is appropriate: 2

3 Venue Synopsis

a Basic Description:
The old king is dead long live the king. After years of hiding and shadow games the Sabbat finally feel like they have a decent base of operations in colorado springs. The presence of the military has pushed both sides to a very stagnant cold war. After all of this planning and preparation something finally has to break and the newest successor to the title of archbishop might drive the kindred here to their death.
b General focus of most plots: Pushing the envelope of war between the Camarilla and the Sabbat while dodging other problems, human, lupine, and otherwise.
c Focused Realm: This will be a combination of the real world some astral
d History:

These stories are all true.

“Welcome to the shit show.”

Carson, Schriever, Cheyenne Mountain/NORAD, Peterson, and the Academy. Military presence is strong here and huge. That means everything done in the area shows up as a blip on someone’s radar. It has been like this for a few years now. With Archbishop Luiz Del Rio there was an overwhelming focus of a silence in the blood things have gone at a franticly slow pace. It has never been about outright ruling and terror here, because that brings hunters almost every time. Luiz’s big plan was to be a thorn in the side, a war of attrition, and watching the camarilla choke on it because their aggression could call hunters or government agents called back on themselves.

The first crusade was a tragedy that ended in the waldo canyon fire. That was also one hardly considered a crusade as the local sabbat were hardly getting a foothold into the city sectioned off and kept away with fire. This had a repeat performance with Blackforest almost instantly after. The Camarilla seemed interested in using scorched earth tactics to keep people out, but suck back to back shows of force taxed their ability to move after. The period of recovery followed and gave the Sabbat more than enough opening to find their way into city institutions and dig their heels in. Fire isn’t an option anymore. The camarilla has never had a problem of this magnitude, but such heavy handed tactics have left the ivory tower in a bit of a sink or swim predicament, and others among the camarilla are eager to watch the prince grovel for help

4 Character Restrictions

a.Template Restrictions: I will allow limited number of Assamites, Toreador, and Gargoyles
b. Merit Restrictions: I will allow limited number of Black Hand Membership and Inquisition

5 Venue Specific Notes

a. The Player should provide the ST access to the materials related to their character sheet – books, rules, etc. if the ST does not have access to them on their own.
b. Core rules and addenda rules will always be adhered to if there is a possibility of PC death. In all other instances, where character death is not imminent, powers do not always work as they should - the VST has ultimate authority in the case of rules calls during any sanctioned games.
c. Story over mechanics

6 Proxy Rules

Proxy Play: 'Soft' proxy play is allowed with VST notification BEFORE the soft proxy begins.

Soft Proxy, in this VSS is defined as some type of interaction that does not require a character to physically be present. IE. phone call, video chat, or some other type of messaging. If any character wishes to be within the boundaries of the VSS physically, they must hard proxy.

Hard Proxying requires that a player email the VST three days in advance of the proxy with a character sheet along with her background, XP logs, and a brief rundown on the characters actions during the proxy event. The VST reserves the right to veto any character action taken during a proxy if that action threatens the integrity or continuity of the local Venue.

7 Travel Risks

Travel risks will be ran on an individual basis decided by current events in the chronicle.

Visiting Character Guidelines: Visiting characters should understand that there are certain behaviors that are expected by those packs that have established territories here. There are also protocols that need to be followed to avoid being attacked as an enemy.

Characters have access to certain tribal allies that can get word to members of their own tribe for visiting characters. This is "known" and part of the history of Colorado Springs. Characters who are unable to do this, or chose not to can expect a less than friendly welcome.

8 Exp Awards

a Experience Award Guidelines: The chronicle will begin with AGR in play, and high lethality is to be expected. Games will award between eight and ten xp. Additional xp will be awarded for costuming, good roleplay, character stories, and wiki pages. Downtime actions will also award between five and eight xp.

XP above Cap Policies: As per the Camarilla Rules Addendum.

Special considerations:

The Shadowed Peaks domain Sabbat venue is based around the kindred that are tired of sitting on their hands and the ones that remember why the humans are a threat. Education within the Sabbat will be at an all time low and the packs will have a new feeling to them as a traditionalist usurps a knight of saint blaise. Those who have concepts that remember the traditions will be expected to take on roles that exploit their knowledge, either by mentorship or by exploiting the young and making examples out of them.

To facilitate this idea, the VST discourages players to create their characters with the mentality of being one dimensional bodyguard or murder-hobo’s. Individuality and freedom has a consistent theme within the sabbat, but so does hypocrisy.