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East Central Regional Charities

Food Bank - Click here for more info
Donate time, money, or items to your neighborhood food bank.

Great Lakes Regional Charities

Great Lakes Regional Charities Wiki
Winter Food Drive 2015 (October - December 2015)

Collecting Food for the Hungry in the Winter....

Winter Warm Up 2015 (October - December 2015)

Collecting Clothing for the Needy in the Winter...

North Central Regional Charities

Freedom Service Dogs
[1] - NCRE 2017 Featured Charity
Mind's Eye Society Foundation Scholarship Fund
[2] - NCRE 2017 Featured Charity

North East Regional Charities

The North East Region is currently supporting local and national level charity efforts. No regional level charity events are currently running.

North West Regional Charities

October Mini-Charity
Extra Life.
November Mini-Charity
Food Banks/Thanksgiving Work.
December Mini-Charity
Toys for Tots
Fourth Quarter Charity
VA/Wounded Warrior Project.

South Central Regional Charities

Link 1 here
Link 1 description here.
Link 2 here
Link 2 description here.

South East Regional Charities - External Site

Food Banks
October 1 - Oct 31. Prestige recommendations are due to the ARC Charities by 11/1.
Toys for Tots Drive
Nov 1 - Nov 30. Prestige recommendations are due to the ARC Charities by 12/1.

South West Regional Charities

Food Bank
Wounded Warriors
Humane Society of America
Born this Way Foundation
Find a charity on this site's approved list. "Foster a more accepting society, where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated."

Do you have a story?

Have you seen a fellow member go over the top on a charity? Do you have photos you have taken at MES Charity events? Tell us, and we will try to link them here. We have collected blood, helped feed hungry children, provide shelter to wounded animals, sent letters to those deployed, and built houses. Tell us your story. Send an email to the aNPA Media with your info.