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This Character is retired and no longer in play


"It isn't about dedication and loyalty, it's about belief in what we do."

-Edward Wilson, The Good Shepherd

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sonoma County, Ca
Player: Jon Grimmer
Storyteller: Tim Brown

Name: Cuthbert

Other Names: Cuthbert O'Naughton or Cuthbert MacNaghten. Was originally called Cuthbert of Nottingham

Clan: Malkavian

Sect: Camarilla

Current Location: Sonoma County, CA

Notable Traits: Largely forgettable unless he makes a point of being known (Arcane).

Appearance: Tends to dress in a lot of dark clothes and often puts off an air of hobo chic. Lately he has been wearing a black ballcap, a dark long coat and whatever clothes beneath it that are comfortable.


  • Scourge of San Francisco


  • Acknowledged (accepted) in the Camarilla
  • Loyal (innate) childe of Camilla Baines
  • Confirmed (abiding) as an Elder
  • Established (abiding) as an Elder
  • Privileged (abiding) as an Elder
  • Acclaimed (fleeting) from Prince Powers of Riverside, CA
  • Defender (fleeting) from Prince Cayhill of Santa Fe, NM
  • Triumphant (fleeting) from Prince Hildegard of Sonoma, CA

Embrace: 1089 C.E.

Apparent Age: Early 30's

Information Known by Kindred Society

Known to be Thought Police



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Allies and Enemies

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  • He has been in the background of most every major Camarilla event throughout the years but most people either never noticed or forgot he was there.
  • He hates the Toreador for the betrayal leading to his sire's death.
  • Regularly has to pay important harpies as he has trouble controlling the vitriolic nature of his speech.
  • He sees only three kinds of Kindred in the world: useless, useful and the annoyingly unstable in the middle.
    • At least the useless have the willingness to commit to being useless.
  • Do not harm any of his broodmates or decedents, it will only cause him to hurt you.
  • He was a thief back a long time ago.
    • Who says he stopped stealing...?
  • Tends to entrench himself in the seedier elements of the Camarilla as a way to better route out the unwanted.


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  • My passions were all gathered together like fingers that made a fist. Drive is considered aggression today; I knew it then as purpose. - Bette Davis
  • You need a little bit of insanity to do great things. - Henry Rollins


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OOC Information

Played By: Jon Grimmer
Location: Rohnert Park, Ca

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