Cybele Malveaux

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Kansas City, MO
Player: Melissa E.
Storyteller: Russel M.

Cybele Malveaux of Clan Malkavian

Cybele Malveaux

Sire: The Dollmaker of Tirupati (NPC)
Broodmate: Lucien Malveaux
Known Childer: Michael "Judge" Brown (NPC)
Known Grand-Childer: Jason Lane
Residence: Kansas City, MO

Prominent, Noble, and Guardian as Harpy of the Court of Kansas City (Abiding)

Triumphant in fulfilling former-Prince Servilla Junii's blood hunt against the forsaken Assamite called the "Left Hand" (Fleeting)
Honorable by Elder Gangrel Prince Vaclav Kirchner of Kansas City (Fleeting)
Courteous by Master Harpy A. Winchester of Seattle of Clan Tremere (Fleeting)
Favored by Vaclav Kirchner an Elder of Clan Gangrel of Kansas City (Fleeting)
Favored by Malkavian Elder Walter Jones of Indianapolis (Fleeting)

Cybele Malveaux is one of the Co-Founders of House Geminus. (Malkavian players interested in being a member of this lineage should contact the player of Cybele Malveaux.)


In a word, Cybele Malveaux is meticulous. This mysterious Malkavian is a successful jewelry artist and wig-maker, rumored to be a powerful seer, who seems to prefer her own company over the company of others. Cybele Malveaux is an entrepreneur and canny businesswoman who values her privacy, is loyal to House Geminus and the Camarilla, and whose personal observance of the Masquerade is flawless.

This enigmatic Malkavian first appeared in London during the mid-19th century, although there are numerous rumors of her sightings in India up to three centuries earlier. Both she and her fraternal twin brother, Lucien Malveaux, were sired by the ancient vampire known as the Dollmaker of Tirupati. After being released from their Accounting period, the twins formed House Geminus, a Malkavian lineage known to strongly support the Camarilla since its inception. The twins had been nearly inseparable until 2014, when Lucien moved on for a time, much to the dismay of his sister and broodmate. Recently reunited, Lucien was going by the nickname "Lucky" Malveaux and acting as the vested Harpy of Topeka, Kansas. (Players interested in joining House Geminus should contact the player of Cybele Malveaux).

The Malveaux twins moved House Geminus to the New World in 1934 and have been slowly making their way westward, spending time in New York City, Philadelphia, Dayton, Indianapolis, Nashville, and St. Louis. In 2014, the twins answered the call of Prince Forbes to rebuild the pillars of the Camarilla in Kansas City, an urban center long under siege by the Sabbat. Alas, Elder Prince Forbes and much of the Court of Kansas City met their ends shortly after issuing the call for aid. Under the new Praxis of Elder Prince Servilla Junii of Clan Ventrue, Cybele Malveaux was unanimously backed by the new Primogen Council as Harpy of Kansas City, MO. After a praxis change on New Year's Day 2015, Harpy Malveaux was reconfirmed by the Primogen Council. When Elder Prince Vaclav Kirchner stepped up as Sovereign of Kansas City, the Primogen confirmed her again, with one member abstaining.

In March 2015, Cybele Malveaux hosted a Grand Exposition celebrating the end of Kansas City's long war against the Sabbat. More than 75 kindred attended.

On the evening of 18 April 2015, Toreador Elder Harpy Goddric Bielke of Colorado Springs declared Cybele Malveaux as the best dressed at his Masquerade Ball.

In August 2015, Cybele Malveaux hosted a grand gathering called DYSLEXIA, a summer charity event for literacy. The theme encouraged opposites and juxtopositions. More than 70 kindred attended and the hostess herself arrived dressed as Snooki. Controversial Elder Johnny Rocket may or may not have appeared, dressed in drag.

The Harpy appeared in all black with a black veil covering her entire face at the local gathering following news of the death of Prince Michael Cayhill. She claimed to be in mourning over the recent losses to the Tower.

Cybele Malveaux


  • Cybele Malveaux is far older than she seems, but has successfully shed her older personas, leaving few traces of her activities in India.
  • Despite her appearance of control, Cybele is (or was) a vicious and violent murderer.
  • After her Embrace, she had a vision of her own unmaking and has an unhealthy obsession with death.
  • Cybele and her twin brother Lucien are actually the same person. Even when they are seen together, one of them is a carefully crafted illusion.
  • Her crafting abilities rival those of many Toreador.
  • This vampire shuns romantic relationships with other kindred and has refused many offers from potential lovers.
  • The mental states of the Malveaux twins are linked in some way.
  • Some say Cybele is a part of the Ananke bloodline.
  • She is clearly a Toreador and not a Malkavian.
  • Rumor has it that Johnny Rocket gave her all of his personal boons right before he travelled to Las Vegas.
  • This Elder has a full time staff of hairdressers that attend to her dark brown hair at the beginning of every evening. Her most skilled cosmetologist is her longest serving retainer.
  • She is one of the only Harpies in recent nights who has successfully scandaled a Prince and an Archon for bad behavior.
  • Ventrue Elder Atticus of the Junii once purchased and relocated a hair art museum to her personal domain to make up for a wrongdoing.
  • Cybele rides around in an antique roadster, rumored to be haunted, once belonging to Johnny Rocket.


"A myriad of mysteries, wrapped in beauty and mayhem. She breathes life into chaos, and we are all grateful for it." - Jason Lane

"Meticulous, capable, perhaps malevolent." - Ignatius the Leper

"A most fashionable enigma, a most perceptive voice, I find I seek to be worthy of the esteem in which Ms. Malveaux appears to hold me." - A. Winchester

"I compare Cybele to my nation of Scotland's flower, the thistle. Both are beautiful, strong, yet dangerous, and are like to draw blood if not given the respect and care they deserve." - Luthais Hamilton

"I've found her to be the most enticingly dangerous woman in the room. Like a moth to flame, I look forward to getting burned." - Johnny Rocket

"You know dat one, da girl who ya look across dat room. See them smile and a sway of the hips. Makes your skin tingle warm and your breath take in slowly. Make it so dat ya enjoys da pause. Only ta feel da dance continue with words. Till by da time dat you feel da sleep touch ya, dat ya wish dat you was able ta see her more. Only ta know she be smoke in the wind, and ya gatta come back again. She be dat Addiction, dat wonderful touch. I waiting for when we dance again." - OnyxPathSamedi.png Papa Aquitaine

"But he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose" - Poe

"She's pretty cool, but when you piss her off.... She's like a crazy angry mom. No one is scarier than your mom when she's mad." - Jax

"I think she made me a lesser harpy for pugilistically enforcing decorum on a neonate. I apologized for usurping her authority, but I'm still confused as to why...." David Swisher

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