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"Night's arms welcome me." — Black Dahlia Murder

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Black Legion Brujah


Cyd is currently in service to the Tower in Philadelphia under Prince Eirik Alexson and acting as Brujah Clan Whip in the Philadelphia Domain. Cyd is a neonate in the domain of Philadelphia, and a member of the Brujah Clan. She is relatively new to kindred society.


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General Timeline

  • 1965 - Born
  • 1985 - Embraced
  • 2013 - Acknowledged in the Domain of Philadelphia
  • 2015 - Became Sheriff of Philadelphia
  • 2016 - Resigned from Sheriff position.

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Lineage of Blood

The Black Legion claims descendancy from the Mistress of the Black Monastery. However, the apex of the line is not a member of this household. For her crimes against the Camarilla, Lady Meridie de Chancie has been struck from the records, and is not considered a part of this Brujah line. Her childer, grandchilder and other descendants proudly remain loyal to the Ivory Tower, and unified in their disdain for her actions.

"Born in blood, The Black Legion stands as a linage loyal to the principles of the Camarilla, it's progenitors standing in opposition to a sire that would disgrace them with her actions. As with all siblings, each has their strengths, and I see us as parts that complete a whole. I stand as our strength, and our law. As the head of the house, it is my place to defend my line from those that would seek to tear us down, and to deal with internal family issues that would rip us apart from the inside. Tobias stands as our spirit, or our soul. Without his wisdom and guidance, I would have fallen to the beast centuries ago. And Tamerlane stands as our mind, and our heart. She is wise, beyond even her years, and there are few who would know her, and not care for her. There are few creatures between Heaven and Hell I have claimed to love, but they both stand as examples that I do have the capability. Our children, and from them our line, stands as our future. Each with their own individual quirks, my siblings have chosen our stock well, and I could not be more proud of them if they were my own. Through them, we will see a new beginning, and it will bring about one of the strongest, and fiercest lineages the Camarilla has yet seen." — Eirik Alexson, Progenitor and Head of the Black Legion

Fianna McMannis Prince Eirik Alexson Theodore Chandra de Soissones Declan Reed
Jacob Cally Gabriel McNally Torin Sutherland

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  • "Cyd is not an individual to be underestimated." — Chandra de Soissones
  • "A remarkable young woman. Sharp wit, astute mind, lethal tongue, deadly fists; everything one could ask for. She makes me smile... and anyone who interferes with that will incur my wrath." — Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek, Primogen of Clan Ventrue and Keeper of Elysium, Miami, FL.
  • "She is yet to hit my radar and as a Harpy, THAT is frightening" — Jared Goodman
  • "My broodmate feels I tease her a bit much which may stem from being her "Big Brother", but the material she readily supplies, I abide! C'Mon, thats what little sisters are for, Right? Seriously, though if the chips are down I know we have each others backs and thats priceless..." — Gabriel Mcnally

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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Philadelphia, PA
Player: Emily M
Storyteller: PA-015-D Camarilla ST

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