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"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power." - Lao Tzu
"I assess the power of a will by how much resistance, pain, torture it endures and knows how to turn to its advantage." - Friedrich Nietzsche
"Immense power is acquired by assuring yourself in your secret reveries that you were born to control affairs." - Andrew Carnegie

Requiem PC

Player: Mykle McGovern
Character: Czesare Dragos
Clan: Nosferatu
Bloodline: Unknown
Covenant: Invictus
Position: Seneschal of Colorado Springs
Status: 4
Domain: Shadowed Peaks
VST: Ryan Nash

Charakter Informationen (Character Information)

Name: The Honorable Alder Lord Czesare Dragos, Nosferatu Prince of Colorado Springs; Primus of the Inner Circle of Colorado Springs; Earl of Colorado Springs, Au Pair of the North Central House of Lords; Viscount of the Labyrinth of Olympus, Advocate, Speaker, and Interpreter of the First Estate.

Clan: Nosferatu
Note: As a member of Clan Nosferatu, Alder Lord Dragos suffers from what he refers to as his 'affliction'; an aura that permeates the air about him, causing any whom spend too much time in his close vicinity to become increasingly paranoid of their surroundings. Some speculate that this aura is what has driven Alder Lord Dragos into the role of 'kingmaker' and Au Pair; despite all of his experience and philosophies in the arena of politics and power, he has only recently held Praxis of a domain.

Bloodline: Unknown

Lineage: Lord Dragos does not speak of his sire; however, some say he is the sire of General Thaddeus Withers. Rumor speaks to the existance of others: an Arabian woman of the First Estate named Fajira (reportedly Embraced within the last three years), an Italian Sanctified named Octavo Szorfa, and others.

Covenant: Invictus

Status: Invictus 4, Colorado Springs 4, Nosferatu 3

Title or Positon: Prince of Colorado Springs; Primus for The Invictus of Colorado Springs, Au Pair for the North Central Regional House of Lords, Interpreter, and Speaker of the Invictus.

Was Is Bekannt (What is Known)

Little is known for certain about the Nosferatu called Alder Lord Dragos; while his accent is strongly German, his name implies a more Slavic origin. Just as enigmatic as his place of origin is his occupation prior to the Embrace. His position and reputation among the Kindred paint him as a scholar and a socialite, but there are references in the annals of history to a similar figure who fought on the battlefields of Europe during the Crimean and Napoleonic wars. There are also even more obscure rumors which recall a figure bearing a remarkable resemblance to Alder Lord Dragos whom served as a ghoul and servant to the Bloody Prince of Prague, Marrick of Clan Ventrue, during the height of that domain's power.

His first notable appearance among the Kindred was in Vienna, Austria shortly after the fall of the Holy Roman Empire, where he quickly made a name for himself as a staunch supporter of the Invictus. Since that time, he has served as the Au Pair for countless vampires, training them in the ways of Kindred and Invictus society; many Kindred still remember all too well the weight of his metal ruler wrapping their knuckles due to some failing during lessons. He also served his covenant as a political advisor, lending his word to several Invictus rulers. diplomats, and dignitaries over the last three centuries.

In 1945, amidst the aftermath of World War II, Alder Lord Dragos relocated from Austria to the United States of America, settling down in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Some say the Rockies reminded him of his beloved Alps, while others point to the presence of his childe, General Thaddeus Withers, as a reason for his relocation. Regardless, he chose to remain fairly well reclusive during his first years in America, keeping primarily to The Labyrinth of Olympus: The Necropolis of Colorado Springs. During this time, his only contact with the outside world was either through his childer or in written correspondence with his former students both in America and abroad.

In 1972, the Kindred of Colorado Springs evacuated the domain due to the escalating violence between two factions of marauding werewolves that had spilled over into Kindred society. The Prince ordered all the vampires of the domain to flee. Some, however, chose to defy his will, including Lord Dragos and his childe. Those whom chose to stay shored themselves up in the catacombs of the Necropolis, and for twenty years kept the Lupines at bay with a combination of stealth, wits, and cunning.

In 1992, the Kindred of Colorado Springs ended their diaspora and returned home to their domain. Alder Lord Dragos, along with his childe and a small coterie of Kindred, welcomed them home. For his service to the domain, Prince Stanley made Alder Lord Dragos Seneschal of Colorado Springs and increased his standing within Kindred society. This marked the end of Alder Lord Dragos' time as a recluse. For fourteen years Alder Lord Dragos served under Prince Stanley as his advisor and closest confidante; rumors spread that the Nosferatu elder had placed the Prince under a Viniculum, and in the later years after the end of the Exile, some began to whisper that Alder Lord Dragos was the 'true' ruler of Colorado Springs.

In 2013, a series of city scandals unfolded that cost the Prince, and by extension the Invictus, a great deal of face. Alder Lord Dragos is said to have spoken to the Prince, and a few weeks later, Prince Stanley abdicated his throne during court, stating that he felt that another Prince, one more in tune with the modern world, would be of better use to the domain. He gave the throne to Dimitri Ostrosky of the Carthian Movement, citing that Kindred's exemplary service to the domain and standing in Kindred society. Prince Ostrosky, in turn, decreed that Alder Lord Dragos would remain Seneschal of Colorado Springs. In the eyes of the Invictus, the loss of his praxis also meant that Alder Lord Stanley could no longer serve as Primus for the city's Inner Circle, and Alder Lord Dragos stepped into that role. However, Prince Ostrosky would not sit on the throne for long. In the late months of 2013, Prince Ostrosky disappeared while flying by helicopter from Pueblo to Colorado Springs. His whereabouts are unknown. In the meantime, the Prince's sire, Nicholai Valinov, seized praxis despite misgivings from Alder Lord Dragos.

Zitate (Quotes)

  • "Leave, mein Herr Prince Stanley says? Flee from fighting Lupines? Nein! I have moved my haven once already recently, and have no desire to do so again. Let the dogs come; I will lose them in the Labyrinth of Olympus, and will show them that even the mightiest of wolves has reason to fear the dark." - Lord Dragos, in private discussion regarding the Prince's decision to evacuate the domain.
  • "That man can rip off your head and shit nightmares down your neck-hole. He can smile at you so scarily that you will gouge out your own eyes to appease whatever gods cursed you with his presence. I've seen him suggest, SUGGEST, mind you, that a Kindred city might be better off if they just up and leave within a fortnight; the whole goddamn town vanished in three days. And you, fine wizard, have done pissed him off. I suggest you apologize." - Oral Wright to a visiting Acolyte.
  • "Whether you hold it against him or as a mark of his skill as an Au Pair, I have Lord Dragos to thank for my understanding of the First Estate even when not a part of it. It is by the measure of his ruler that I compare others of the Invictus and it is to him that I would send others of his Covenant should they need reminders of proper behavior. Hopefully, they'll survive the encounter." - Damien Mastersen
  • "Czesare is full half o' why I stay here in Colorado Springs, there is no enjoyment tae be had in besting a wounded, beaten, and crippled opponent. But with dear Czesare I know I am kept on my best, he sharpens the mind finer than any whetstone ever sharpened any blade." - Richard Hamilton
  • "Underestimate him at your own peril." - An inoffensive Kindred speaking to another of Lord Dragos.
  • "Lord Dragos is quite certain on many topics. I shouldn't wish to oppose one such as he." - Sophia Blackwood. Looking over her shoulder, she adds "Nor would I want to stand between him and his Childe. Chilling."
  • "Herr Dragos is a being of very exacting standards. Were it not for him, I firmly believe that our fair city would not stand as it does these nights. I rejoice for his unwavering care of the domain, even as I pity that he can never be satisfied with it." - Alexander Harland
  • "I do adore Czesare. He took something I made and tried to make it better. He succeeded and now calls it a failure. I wonder if he will apologize to me next we speak." Khalid Ibn Sahir
  • "Lord Dragos is one of the most proper Invictus I know. He stands on ceremony with great dignity and finds pride in being exactly who he is, regardless of who he wants to be. Lord Dragos unites kindred that would remain divided, he creates order when there is chaos, and he creates inspiration when there is naught, but despair. To call him an equal is boasting, and to call him a friend is to be lucky indeed." - Alder Tybalt Rook
  • "I believe that he is angry with me. This would be a problem if he is ever released from his endless stream of private meetings." - Dr. Felix Mir
  • "Lord Dragos keeps a very fine home and he is a very gracious host." - Hamish Yost

Gerüchte (Rumors)

  • While he is a well known paragon of the Nosferatu clan, some say Lord Dragos was originally destined for the Embrace of the Ventrue clan; how someone meant for the Lords ended up a Haunt is beyond many. If you watch him at court, Lord Dragos always pays particular attention to those whom once might have been his clanmates...

Die Er Kennt (Those He Knows)


  • Damien Mastersen - Although perhaps not so much as an ally as a pleasant acquaintance, Lord Dragos enjoys watching the Harpy of his domain work.
  • Ying Tao - The two of them can often be seen conspiring at gatherings.
  • Sophia Blackwood - Despite her staunchly Unaligned political leaning, this Ventrue has earned the attention of Lord Dragos for her political acumen and razor wit.
  • Alexander Harland - Though Lord Dragos is known to have personal atheistic leanings, he seems to lend the Ventrue Sanctified called Harland a great deal of weight.
  • Tybalt Rook- "Alder Rook is an example of the true strength of the Invictus; he is respectful to his betters, polite to his peers, and kind to his lessers, all the while maintaining his dignity and grace even in the face of those whom would besmirch his reputation. I enjoy our discussions, and each gathering I find myself hoping at one point or another that he will make his presence known that we might share a bit of conversation. He is truly a Kindred of Quality."
  • Veralyn Valinov - Whenever this Ventrue Invictus visits Colorado Springs, she can often be found in the company of Alder Lord Dragos, sitting in the corner and speaking quietly while watching the rest of the room. Whatever could these two Unconquered be plotting?

Former Students

  • Oral Wright - It is a sad thing, when a master has to watch one of his masterpieces crumble...
  • Richard Hamilton - To the uninitiated, it may appear these two Kindred are unfriendly, if not outright hostile towards one another. To those in the know, their barbed exchanges might ring of two old, dear friends harassing one another over a game of chess[citation needed]
  • General Thaddeus Withers - ""You would have me speak on my wayward childe, ja? What would you hear me say - would you hear me speak of my disappointment, that my greatest triumph has become my greatest failing? If that is the case, then you will be sorely disappointed. I am perplexed by his sudden turn to the Carthian Movement, true; the most frustrating part of it all is that while he has turned his back on the covenant that served as the crucible in which I forged him, he has not turned his back on the ideals which I etched upon him in blood and fire. The trappings may be different, but his heart remains the same. Perhaps you should find someone else with whom you can speak ill of my childe, hmm?"


  • Dr. Felix Mir- At a recent gathering in Colorado Springs, this Ventrue Sanctified roused the Alder Lord's anger by very pointedly addressing his new childer's 'creep' in a most rude and public fashion. This prompted the Alder Lord to make a speech in the Prince's Court and a drop in Dr. Mir's standing in the city. Will the Alder Lord leave this slight with the Prince's justice, or will he take matters into his own hands...

OOC Information

Player Name Mykle McGovern

MES Number US2002023275

Location Colorado Springs, CO

Ties: I am open to developing new character ties with Czesare; his backstory has been left intentionally vague so as to allow for further development of his story through play. I am looking primarily for the following:

  • A Sire - Note that this would be a very antagonistic relationship, and the tie would include a deadly rivalry with a Ventrue elder whom had marked Czesare for the Embrace.
  • Childer and Grandchilder
  • Students - As an Au Pair of the Invictus, Czesare would have mentored other Unconquered in the ways of power.
  • Allies
  • Rivals

Please note that while I am not particularly interested in romantic ties for this character, Czesare would not summarily dismiss the idea out of hand. It would be a very strange relationship, however, given Czesare's Nosferatu 'Creep'.


Film and Television:

  • Abraham Van Helsing, as portrayed by Sir Anthony Hopkins in Francis Ford Coppola's "Bram Stoker's Dracula"
  • Hannibal Lector, also as portrayed by Sir Anthony Hopkins in "Silence of the Lambs" and "Hannibal"
  • The Vicomte de Valmont. as portrayed by John Malkovich in "Dangerous Liasons"
  • Adelai Niska, as portrayed by Michael Fairman in Joss Whedon's "Firefly"
  • Magneto, as portrayed by Sir Ian MacKellen and Michael Fassbender in the "X-Men" series


  • Tool, "Opiate"
  • Rammstein, "Mein Herz Brennt"
  • Rammstein, "Amerika"
  • Sisters of Mercy, "Dominion/Mother Russia"
  • A Perfect Circle, "Imagine"