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Character Information

Changeling PC

Player: Matthew S.
Character: Coyote aka DJ Radix
Spirit Rank: 6
Freehold: Charleston, SC
VST: Liz N.

These levels are really ideal!
Dj radix archer.jpg

True End-of-Chronicle Character Information:

Name: Coyote

Aliases: DJ Radix; Amazing Technicolor Dream Coyote; Radcliff Short

Spirit Rank: 6

Spirit Influences: Tenacity, Loopholes, Coyotes, Rapport, Insight, Levity

Changeling Court Good Will: Summer 5, Autumn 5, Winter 2, Spring 2

Most recent achievements: Assisted in Father Wolf's restoration. Stole away with Yggdrasil's Acorn under the noses of the Fae. Planted Yggdrasil and won a race with Brier Rabbit to the top. The first to cross into the 6th World at the apex. Currently exploring its reaches with his mate, Samantha.

Changeling Guise:

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Coyote / Polychromatic

Court: Spring Mantle 4

Entitlement: Lost Pantheon

Mask: Around 5'6" with a stocky build, long, dark hair past the shoulders and groomed facial hair. Hazel eyes.

Mein: Around 5'3" with a lanky build and without the long hair of his Mask. Humanoid coyote with grey and brown fur. Eyes change color whenever you give them a new glance.

Mantle: Vibrant, monotonic flowers of various colors fade in and out of his clothing at random, sometimes making their way into his fur. There's a strong warmth of summer that emanates from the flowers as they fade to full brightness. There's a hint of upbeat music when he's around, though it's unclear if that's his mantle or just a posthypnotic suggestion. When removing his sunglasses, there is a momentary chill.

Title or Position:

  • (Former) DJ [ Fame 3 ]
  • (Former) Vernal Sovereign of the Charles Towne Freehold, Spring 2017
  • (Former) Sensei of the Temple of War
  • (Former) Keeper of the Flame of Prometheus
  • (Former) Vernal Sovereign of the Freehold of the Bluegrass, Spring 2015, 2016
  • (Former) Verdant Advocate of the Emerald Society, 2015-2016
  • (Former) Archivist of the Emerald Society, 2014-2015
  • (Former) Joyeux of the Emerald Society
  • (Former) Co-owner of L.C. Records
  • Organizer of the Spring Revel of 2015
  • Organizer of Lost in the Desert at Burning Man, 2014.

Archetype Achievements: Occultist, Performer

Notable Traits:

  • Wears sunglasses almost all the time.
  • Often wears a single feather on a bead necklace.
  • Changes outfits frequently during the day.
  • Eyes change color whenever you give them a new glance.

Techno Styles: Industrial EBM, Tech Trance, Hardstyle, some Dubstep and House influence (music example, not by me: )

Clothing: Almost always wearing sunglasses of various styles, while his clothing varies even more. He does have a penchant for 80's pop culture tees. Also wears a lot of ball caps and beanies. Often wears a necklace with a white feather at the base.

OOC Information

Player: Matthew S.

MES Number: US2010025440

Location: Mount Pleasant, MI [MI-015-D]

Booking DJ Radix: Contact his player via email. Should be able to work something out! Always looking for a chance to travel.

Unofficial Lost Steam Group: For OOC ties-making and organization of video game playing among Lost players and PCs!