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Character Information


Name: Lana "DJ Sparkles" Volkov
Path: Mastigos
Order: The Silver Ladder
Current City: Des Moines, Iowa
Titles: Hierarch of The Conventus et Praesidium Signum Lucidium, Factotum
Hair Color: Strawberry Blond
Eye Color: Green
Notable Traits: The first thing most notice about Lana when first meeting her is she is in a wheelchair. Since 2014 Lana has had no legs from just past her knees. She sometimes wears prosthetics but still uses her wheelchair a lot to prevent discomfort. Being in a wheelchair doesnt seem to have taken away from the natural beauty of her. She has a very angelic face (Striking Looks 4) with pale skin and an athletic build to her body. Her muscles are long and lean but still powerful considering her condition.
Personality: Like most Mastigos, Lana's personality and emotions are like an onion, layered. Lana is most at home in a social circle, any social circle. She can ease into and guide just about any conversation and be the center of attention. Lana's friends would best describe her as devious, snarky, and proud. There are always two sides to everyone's coin however. The same people would describe a mage who is empowering, creative, and felicific. Like a typical Mastigos Lana can be a bit controlling of not just her life but those around her and given her social skills she has the power to manipulate those around her, but there is always a good reason behind it, mostly that she cares too much.

Friends and Foes




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By Her

  • "

"Well there you go.. maybe he is born with it... maybe it's being a mage."

From Others

  • "There are so many things I could say about Lana, just not sure how many I am allowed to say in public" - Percival
  • "You do a kind of magic that maybe I can't, but it's okay. I've got my own purpose, and I know I'm needed exactly as I am. You are, too, so keep at it!" - DJ Radix
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Remix To My Life



Awakening PC

Player: Andrea Zander
Path: Mastigos
Order: Silver Ladder •••
Legacy: The Reality Makers
Position: Lictor
Consilium: None
City: Des Moines, IA
Cabal: none
VST: Austen Swearinger