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We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. ~Kenji Miyazawa



Personal Quotes

  • "Of course I can resolve that for you...but it'll cost."
  • "What I do I do for the Nation. My methods might be brutal, but the ends always justify the means."
  • “We have been fighting the Wyrm for centuries. Doing the same thing -- breeding, fighting, and dying. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over hoping and expecting things to change. Well, it’s time for a change of how we are doing things. I will guide you all into the victory that you and I deserve. No! The victory that Our ancestors deserve and strived for. This victory I promise. This victory starts with change. Change starts now.”

Other Quotes

  • "She's always been the ruthless one, but she will get it done." - Runs the Gauntlet
  • "The picture of proper etiquette and civility. If you are smart that should frighten you." - Stands His Ground
  • "She might look proper but she's Hell on Heels" - Plays to Win
  • "She's smart and competent, though I don't entirely trust her. She'll be a perfect Alpha for this Sept." - Returns the Faith
  • "A Shadow Lord. The friendly façade is worn as armor. Her pack is her strength, her etiquette is her blade." - Stands With Honor
  • "Le sigh... she's super pretty and well-spoken and a bajillion times better at me at this Galliard thing. I don't know if I'll EVER be that competent. I KNOW I'll never be able to pull off those dresses though." Gaia's Qwerty
  • "She's got a lot to live up to--boasting those eyes of hers. A pedigree of purity and a long line of legends...given what I've seen of her...and of her pack? I wouldn't be a damn bit surprised to see her live up to it." -Omengazer
  • "The first time I met her, she was holding a Dancer's head. That endears me to anyone. She hasn't managed to erode that initial appreciation as yet, despite the sociopaths she runs with." - Laughs Last
  • "We met. She walked away. And then returned to clarify a matter with a familiar gaze of shock and confusion. She had the good sense to not talk to me like I was an invalid. A pity her whole pack wasn't as wise. But she has a keen mind to her. She asked to learn more. If she ever sought me out, I would gladly teach her." - Steel Vice Bite
  • "She doesn't put up with bullshit, but she watches the back of those she keeps close; by the way, they'll do the same for her." - Swift Talon
  • "It isn't often a blessing to have an interesting story graven into your flesh, but we Garou come by this for good or for ill more often than others. Daci has a story made of suffering and betrayal that will be told for generations to come, for though she speaks little, she lives her legend and gives us much to think upon. Much to learn from her."- Harmony of Tambiyah
  • "Being with Daci is like looking in a mirror, in every uncomfortable sense of the term." -Nadya Nighthawk
  • "Daci is good people I suppose.. taking into account that she's a Shadow Lord and all.." -Boots
  • "When I was young I heard tales told of the dead rising after untold generations to set the wrongs against them right. Now that I am an old man I listen to our druids say that the ancient souls are returning for the final battle. I was skeptical of these claims until I met the Stormcrow Daci. Born in Thunder but chosen of Lion. She is nothing if she is not one of those ancient souls of my distant cousins returned. This warrior was among the few who danced their way down into the First Pit and came back to us, stronger for the ordeal. Painted in ancient markings not seen since the wyrm bent Rome to its will, this one has stood shoulder to shoulder with me in battle and in blood. Her courage never waivering, her voice never faultering, wearing her woad with pride. She will be among my companions when we are called to walk onto the plain of armegeddon." - Declan Brennan, Son-of-Liberty
  • "She is a lot of fun and has a good sense of humor. I didn't even know they made Shadowlords with that these days!" - Jingles all the Way
  • "Daci is one of the more competent and vicious garou that I have encountered. She weaves songs that will echoes through the halls of time, and for good reason. She is bold, and fiercely loyal to all who earn that trust. I am impressed by her constantly; but our paths will remain only as allies as all Garou are, and never truly friends. As disheartening as it is, we both know it is also safer that way." Sabine Silver-Swift
  • "Oh, Daci... my sister in spirit. She got so, SO screwed by the assholes who brought her up, went so far into the dark that I began to doubt she could ever see morning. But I had faith, and I threw her a line... and by damn, she's still climbing toward the light, despite everything in the world trying to stop her. Dangerous? Of course. Unstable? No doubt. But I'll kill the one who gives up on her just the same as I would an enemy at her back." - Laughs Last
  • "Daci and I could easily ended up as enemies, but we didn't and now those that cross one of us will have the other to contend with." -Izzy MacFarlane, Voice of Passion
  • "Daci was everything a Shadow Lord Story Weaver could and should be; the mountains quaked when she rose her voice to song. And now, that unrelentingly silence. Though she terrified me, she was also something to aspire too" -Simona Decebal, Nighthawk's Talon
  • "She taught me everything she could, and in the end, gave me one last gift. I've heard the stories, from others and from herself. I don't give a damn about her past; I know what her present was like. And in the end, she showed more strength than most can muster. Gaia let me do that strength, and her gift, the honor she deserves." - Swift Talon


Rumors: Wicked Truths and Creatively Spun Lies

  • The small panther spirit that follows her is a spy from an Elder Theurge.
  • Does she even have a conscious?
  • Vibrant and lively with a passion for music
  • Has a nickname no one says around her that loosely translates in English as "Tortures for Gaia"
  • Almost no one has heard her Sing for the Nation...perhaps she's a Galliard with no voice...
  • Never ask her about the Ace up her sleeve
  • Erebus has scarred her in ways that it shouldn't.
  • Often takes it upon herself to teach others how to fulfill the duties of their Auspice - if she scandals you herself, you might wish it was you that ended up in Erebus
  • Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones was based on Daci.