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Dagmuar stands 5'11", weighing in at around 300lbs. When he is not Obfuscated, and is free to show his true self. He wears a black hooded cloak, and black long pants. He wears a necklace made from the bones of small animals around his neck. And has a small pouch on his side also made from small animal bones.


  • Abiding - "Noble" by Right of Being Primogen of San Antonio
  • Abiding - "Confirmed" by Right of Being Ancilla
  • Fleeting - "Triumphant" Having Killed the Forsaken Caitiff Piper Rafe
  • Fleeting - "Triumphant" Having Killed the Forsaken Nosferatu Swagger
  • Fleeting - "Favored" by Elder Stoneking, Gargoyle, of San Antonio, TX
  • Fleeting - "Favored" by Elder Clermont Atwater, Brujah, of San Antonio, TX
  • Hospitality in San Antonio, Texas - Prince Franc
  • Hospitality in Austin, Texas - Prince Robyn Remington
  • Hospitality in Greenville, South Carolina - Prince Elizabeth Barringer
  • Hospitality in San Juan, Puerto Rico - Prince Lucien



Strauss Brood

  • Great Great Great Great Great Grandsire - Absimilliard
    • Great Great Great Great Grandsire - Baba Yaga
      • Great Great Great Grandsire - Gutka, the Salt Queen
        • Great Great Grandsire - Lord Johann Strauss (In Torpor in a crypt in Germany)
          • Great Grandsire - Hans Dietrich (Primogen of Greenville, South Carolina)
            • Grandsire - Coyote (Deceased) (Killed by Sabbat in Auburn, AL)
              • Sire: Cedric (Deceased) (Killed by Coyote in Greenville, SC)
                • Dagmuar
                  • Dagmuar's Childer



  • 1946 - Born in Greenville South Carolina.
  • 1957 - Samantha Gamuar (Sister) Born.
  • 1961 - Started working at the Poinsett Hotel, Greenville SC.
  • 1966 - Father Died of Heart Failure.
  • 1967 - Embraced by Cedric
  • 1968 - Cedric Destroyed, Met Hans Dietrich & Coyote of Clan Nosferatu.
  • 1969 - Acknowledged by Prince Elizabeth Barringer of Greenville SC.
  • 1975 - Met Jacques Dupree (Samedi), The two resolve Adelaide Robichaux's Fetters, and free her Wraith. Jacques invites Dagmuar into his Brood.
  • 2000 - Construction on Tunnels caused them to become unsafe. Started Traveling.
  • 2002 - Did a few illegal jobs with Cal Stokes hitting places along the East Coast.
  • 2003 - Traveled with Grim Ljoltur as Security aboard his ship.
  • 2004 - Stopped Traveling with Grim Ljoltur.
  • 2004 - Went to Boston, and met Mr. Allen a Elder of Clan Nosferatu. Worked with him, smuggling items places they shouldn't be.
  • 2005 to 2014 - Open Background, Lets make character Ties!
  • 2014 - Sent a letter to Nenette Nosferatu Primogen, informing her that I was relocating to Austin TX.
  • 2014 - October, Attended Conclave in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Became "Acknowledged", and "Favored".
  • 2014 - October, Attended Conclave in Austin, Texas. Became "Acknowledged" by Prince Tamberland, Met Tony DiCosta as well as running back into Cal Stokes. Assisted with tracking down Hunters belonging to Project Twilight.
  • 2014 - November, Attended Conclave in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Became "Acknowledged" by Prince Lucien, Assisted with the search for a Kindred whom had been antagonizing the relationships between the Kindred and the Lupines. Met Chuck, Primogen of Clan Nosferatu of San Juan.
  • 2014 - November, Attended Court in San Antonio, Texas. Became "Acknowledged" by Prince Tempest. Assisted with tracking down the reason why the majority of Dogs of San Antonio had gotten quickly adopted. Assisted Tony DiCosta the newly appointed Scourge of San Antonio, with the Questioning of Robert Halloran. Owed a Trivial Boon by Magdalene Lys Seneschal of San Antonio, for Performed Services for the evening. Met Elder Marius of Clan Brujah. Met Puck Goodfellow of Clan Gangrel, Met Lux Isabelsen of Clan Ventrue.
  • 2014 - November, Attended a Gathering of the Nosferatu of Austin. Master of Elysium Nenette as Host. Elder Claire, Charles Nash also in attendance. Via Internet communications, Marus & Ammarah The Makers of Houston, TX.
  • 2014 - November, Attended Elysium at the Elisabet Ney Museum, Assisted with the evacuation of Camarilla and Independents when outside forced attempted to attack Elysium. Assisted with the Investigation with Brujah Elder Marius of Dallas and others in an attempt to track down the safe house of the Hunter Organization local to the city. Became Loyal in the eyes of Prince Tamberland.
  • 2014 - December, Attended Court in San Antonio, Texas. Assisted with the local Giovanni, to Track down a Harbinger of Skulls, whom was rumored to be at the Local Hospital. Adventured with Puck Goodfellow, Nosferatu Mabel & Channel , and Gangrel Elder Draxous As well as local Austin Cainite Elder Gus.
  • 2014 - December, Attended Court at Seneschal Dexter Mara's Private Haven. Watched as Elder M, was staked and brought before the Court by the Sheriff. Participated in the Symbel Ordeal presented by Elder Claire of the Nosferatu. And an Interesting encounter with Rebecca Stane of Clan Brujah.
  • 2014 - December, Was sought out by the "Warned" Piper Rafe and asked for Sanctuary. Denied her Sanctuary, and called upon her Primogen, Blayne Ashbury of Clan Toreador. Piper Rafe then attempted to harm Primogen Ashbury with a wooden Stake, and became Forsaken in the eyes of the Camarilla. For the Protection of the Tower, Piper Rafe met final death by my hands, thus becoming "Triumphant" in the eyes of the Camarilla.
  • 2014 - December, Joined House of Monsters coterie.
  • 2015 - January, Gathered in San Antonio, Assisted with Tony DiCosta on matters of Security. Fought alongside John Yatol to dispatch of a Sabbat Cobra Seductress. Explored the Serpents Temple. Became "Honorable" in the eyes of Harpy Elder M. Met back up with Dillon an old friend that I met while sailing with Grim Ljoltur.
  • 2015 - January, Gathered in Houston, became Acknowledged by Prince Ammarah, Traveled with Dillon. Stood with the Nosferatu during Court. Spoke with Mazhar at length. Had tensions with the Malkavians of Houston, and those that came from Austin. Watched as Dr. Crowe attempted to bring forth my Derangements.
  • 2015 - January, Gathered in Austin, assisted with the fight against the Sabbat. Fought alongside Sheriff Jacob Winters and others for the protection of Austin. Returned to the Gathering and mingled. It was later announced that Dagmuar of Clan Nosferatu, was Victorious in the recent Symbel that Elder Claire had started in December. A Factual Scavenger Hunt. Dagmuar earned the Elders Favor as well, as being Victorious in the Symbel.
  • 2015 - February.
  • 2015 - March.
  • 2015 - April.
  • 2015 - May, Towards the end of the Month of May, Dagmuar up and moves to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Where he takes the seat of Nosferatu Primogen.
  • 2016 - February, Leaves Sioux Falls, after Prince Heinrich is forced off the throne due to uses of prestation. Travels back south to San Antonio after hearing that his friend Hobbes has been killed by Sabbat, contacts Edward Porter the Seneschal of San Antonio and makes arrangements. Contacts Mabel Ruby, the Nosferatu Primogen of San Antonio and informs him of his arrival. Attends the Memorial Service at Castle Malastova, for the late Keeper of Elysium. Darjius Anakletos. Meets Elder Frank and his childer, both of the Nosferatu.
  • 2016 - Sets up his Haven in San Antonio, Texas.
  • 2016 - Becomes Primogen of San Antonio Texas.
  • 2016 - Attends the Heaven/Hell Toreador Gala in Austin Texas.