Dahlia Kirkwood

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Sabbat PC

Player: Sarah Farley
Character: Dahlia Kirkwood
Clan: Nosferatu Antitribu
Position: Templar
Status: 5
Domain: PA-D-015
VST: Phil

Character Information

Dahlia Kirkwood
Nosferatu Antitribu
5 (Initiated, Enlightened, Loyal, Respected, Investigative)
Notable Traits:
Elf like ears, Peeling and flaky skin, Outrageous clothing, constantly connected to the internet, Devout follower of the Path of Caine
Title or Positon:
Templar of Information to the Bishop of War of Philadelphia
Abbot of Ubiquitous
Dahlia is a tech wiz, constantly attached to a computer tablet, or phone, trying to keep her eye on as many things as possible. She believes in the future that the technology invented by the Children of Seth holds for the Cainites, and will be the first one on that new boat. Born in England, ghouled and traveled to America with her sire. She left him to follow her dream of computers, where he was a Nos that believed in hiding. She works as a DJ to keep some resources and her herd, but her true love is information, and she'll do all she can to get it.
"If you touch me one more time, I'll fill your computer with so much My Little Pony porn that you'll never be able to use it again." -Dahlia
- Someone vicissituded that iPad to her arm
- The flower she wears in her hair? That's fake. She kills all the real ones.
- I've heard her and Levi Stone are really married.

OOC Information


Sarah Farley
MES Number:
Philadelphia, PA