Dakota, Whispers in Darkness

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Constantly seeking out new ways to improve the relations between his Sept and the local spirits and wolves, Dakota has little time or interest in anything else. He spends most of his time acting as an emissary between those three parties and patrolling the areas in and around the Bawn. When dealing with the other Garou, he tends to be very quiet unless asked for advice on something that he has knowledge of.

As a wolf born Theurge, Dakota has spent the entirety of his life serving his Tribe and The Nation. At a young age, he began training in the ways of the spirits and was quickly sent off to help the Sept in Auburn against the Ratkin. He lost more than a few friends during that war and is still obviously looking to payback those that betrayed the Sept during that time. His thirst for justice is only overshadowed by his love for his sister, Tribe and the Nation.

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  • Dakota has an overwhelming desire to reconstitute the wolf population of Turtle Island.
  • He often urges Homid Garou to spearhead wolf reintroduction projects around the country.
  • He advocates peace between the Tribes and often tries to help others heal their old wounds and overcome their prejudices.
  • Dakota takes his role as Shaman very seriously and spends a great deal of his time in the Umbra.
  • Dakota goes to great lengths to control his Rage, unless his sister is threatened.


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  • The left eyes of Dakota and Sky are dead due to some ancient curse placed on their line by a corrupted spirit.
  • Dakota was really born under the full moon, which is why he fights his Rage so hard. His true birth moon shows anytime something attacks his sister.
  • Dakota's eyes were recently taken by the Weaver. To what ends, no one yet knows.

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  • "Dakota reminds me of the sky during the season of storms, clouds boil with anger and energy crackles in displays of light and sound. However, once they have done their work the clouds part and reveal the true face of the sky to the land below. It is even more interesting to think of him as a spirit speaker and not a warrior of Gaia." - Nakia Menefer, Traveler of the Star's Path
  • "I'm not sure what I did to tick him off, but he keeps says he bets I taste like chicken. I know I taste better than that..." - Specter's Flight
  • "I owe my life to Dakota. I would still be in the Weaver's clutches, forever bent to Her will if he had not come back for me." Hard Decisions

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Direct Influences

Apocalypse PC

Player: Frank Long
Character: Dakota, Raven's Rending Talon
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Uktena
Rank: Elder
Renown: 10 Glory 11 Wisdom 12 Honor
Pure Breed: 3
Domain: AL-001-D
VST: Craig V.

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Name: Dakota
Deed Names: Current: Raven's Rending Talon Past: Spirit of the Rain, Whispers in Darkness
Tribe: Uktena
Breed: Lupus
Sept: Sept of the Glass Hand
Sept Positions: None
Pack: Shifting Fates
Camp: Skywalkers
Territory: Tuskegee National Forest

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