Dakota Running-Prairie

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Character Information
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Uktena
Breed: Lupus
Pack: Beyond Good and Evil
Sept: Sept of The Tor
Rank: Adren
Glory: ••••• •••
Honor: ••••• ••••• •
Wisdom: ••••• ••
Player: Brian Gates
Storyteller: Kendra Allen


Dakota recently added another deed name: Rends-Coils.

Dakota has a long scar running along his left flank, the gnarled flesh visible in the middle of the narrow absence of fur. On his left shoulder, was a glyph from Hong Kong and is now a star shaped scar from a mission to free Polaris. On his right shoulder is a mystically visible glyph from NCRE 2013.

After scouting the new realm of Novus in November of 2016, Dakota has been changed by the Wyld energies - he now has rainbow serpent wings, and two tails - one a wolf tail with timber wolf coloring, and the other a red fox tail. The fox tail shrinks, but remains with him throughout his forms, down to a foot in homid. The wings shrink in Crinos, becoming a large tatoo in Glabro and a smaller one in homid.

History and Family

Sired by Kalapi in 2010 after the Battle of the Red Star. Born 2011 in the Northern Rockies as part of a litter of wolf cubs. In 2012, Dakota frenzies and is found by his Tribe. He frenzied and killed part of his family, his pack - the rest of the birth pack remains frightened of him and his rage, which saddens him.

He is eventually taken to Sept of the South Wind where is learns about his Tribe, his family history and something of what it means to be a Garou. One of his mentors is Owen Eagle's Cry, Theurge of Elder Brother (soon to be Elder). Dakota is fostered after his Rite of Passage to the Sept of the Tor; the two Septs had conflicted in the past, Wyrmcomers vs Pure Ones. So a tradition of fostering had been chosen, even though it was infrequently applied in modern nights.

Dakota joins other Cliaths from the Tor in a pack dedicated to Stag, Wisdom of the Spirits. The other Garou die and some drift away; Dakota being the last, dedicates himself to a ban from the old pack totem as the pack totem merges with the larger Stag spirit that is the Caern spirit at the Tor. After short period, he joins the pack dedicated to Black Unicorn. The pack eventually falls apart due to strife between newer pack members, but Dakota remembers much joy in the comfort of a pack. He learns the lesson that Garou is something without a pack, but is more with a pack. He is accepted by another mentor Ursula "Mother Bear" Smith. Dakota spends a handful of moons learning from his mentors, while searching for a new pack. He eventually settles on Beyond Good and Evil, believing that Cunning is often neglected and should be a tool the Garou use.

After fighting alongside a few former pack members at a caern raising in Kansas, Dakota joins the Edge of Midnight, pack devoted to Uktena, which has never had one of Uktena's tribe before.


  • Father: Kalapi - Lupus Ahroun Adren, survivor of Battle of the Red Star. Last seen May 2011.
  • Half-Sister: Ahts Liloo First change May 2011.

Family timeline:

  • 2014 Owen Eagle's Cry dies, leaving unanswered questions
  • 2013-May Dakota's Rite of Passage
  • 2012 Dakota's first change; he now resides as Cub at South Wind
  • 2011 Dakota is born in the Northern Rockies.
  • 2010 Battle in Alaska kills many of the nation’s Adrens and Elders. Kalapi, Lupus Ahroun Adren, survives and sets out to father as many offspring as possible to repopulate the Nation’s numbers.
  • 2006 Ratkin war trickles to an end.
  • 2004 Jonas Albrecht calls for Grand Conciliation at Summer Equinox, and with aid of Shadow Blade’s Ratkin allies, hatch a plan to turn the tide of the Ratkin War.
  • 2003 Toketie Liloo, Elder Uktena Theurge, dies in a Ratkin attack on the caern of the Sept of Dancing
  • 2002 Freak Factor Ratkin begin planning Ratkin War.
  • 1999 Red Star appears in the Umbral Sky.
  • 1991 Ghost dies, poisoned by farmers.
  • 1988 Kalapi (Lupus Ahroun) born to Toketie Liloo and Ghost.
  • ...


  • 2010 – Battle in Alaska kills many of the nation’s Adrens and Elders. Kalapi, Lupus Ahroun Adren, survives and sets out to father as many offspring as possible to repopulate the Nation’s numbers.





OOC Information

Player: Brian Gates

MES Number: US2002022638

Location: Kansas City