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Daksini Pradesh (Southern Province) is the pack territory of the Blood and Silver pack. Located in Alabama, the southern mansion is far from the traditional location of this House Blood Red Crest pack. While the pack Alpha, Charles Nizam, holds authority in the territory, the house is overseen by the Omega, Anne Nizam and a group of high Pure Breed kinfolk.

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As the pack has grown stronger, so has the condition of the house, changing from a dilapidated mansion into a sparkling gem of southern heritage. The interior shows the pack's Indian heritage, both in color and decor, though there is clear consideration to the comfort of their Western guests.


The kinfolk of Daksini Pradesh are many. The house is managed by sisters, Geetha and Kavya, both kin of impeccable Silver Fang pure breeding, but past their prime. Older ladies in their 40s, both wear red saris with white border, denoting their membership to Blood-Red Crest, and black bindis, denoting widowhood. They run the house with a firm efficiency, managing those who come and go while attending to the needs of the Garou.

OOC Information

This territory is in the Auburn VSS under the authority of the VST, Craig V..