Dale Graham

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Accord PC


Player: Shimon Klein
Creature: Hunter
Division: The Vault
City: Las Vegas
VST: [Chrystal Woods]

Character Information

Name: Professor Dale Graham, PhD

Creature Type: Hunter

Notable Traits:

Title or Positon: Cell leader, Las Vegas, NV

Status Cell Status 5, Vault Status 3, Null Mysteriis Status 3



Rumors (Feel free to add)

Noteworthy Comments

"We have enough things that are our problem. This is not our problem. Make it go away."

Allies - as it were

Inspirational Notes

Not so well known History

Dale is a member of some sort of state government covert organization that acts to manage the supernatural presence in Nevada, and he apparently has some not insignificant pull with the legislature and governor's office.

OOC Information

Player:Shimon Klein

MES Number: US2010117013

Location:Las Vegas, NV