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Db hero.jpg The son of a great Whispering Rover (David "Three Times" Finn who was killed during the battle of Alaska), Dalton grew up in Appalachia. His education focused more hunting, tracking and "bush craft" than traditional "human" teaching. That which was deemed too complicated or ornate was discarded, in favor of a simple and straight-forward existence. Though he has almost died numerous times, including twice before he experienced his first change, he has always persevered.

Dalton went through his rite of Passage with his cousin Declan, and has not left his side since. He still serves in Declan's pack, carrying out his Alpha's orders with seldom a word. Easy going and laid back, Dalton continues to fight for his pack and the nation, until the day comes he isn't able to cheat death any longer.

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  • Dalton was robbed just after selling moonshine and shot 5 times when he was 13 years old.
  • When 16, Dalton was trapped in a mine collapse. He spent several days trapped, and ever since has had a hatred for enclosed spaces.
  • After his Rite of Passage, Dalton and Declan joined a predominantly Rover pack, led by his Uncle. Dalton has since become a Whispering Rover himself, and travels frequently.
  • Dalton is a proud, independent country boy. He doesn't care anything about Ireland, the Troubles, or any aspect of human politics. He sees himself as a Hunter, and the agents of the Wyrm make the best prey.
  • Dalton has been bedding a kinfolk named Sally Ann, and has a daughter by her.

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  • Dalton was so named because he was conceived on the Dalton trail head on the Appalachian Trail.
  • He was named after his father's favorite character from the only movie he ever saw, "Roadhouse".
  • While trapped in the coal mine, the Stag first appeared to him and bestowed upon him the gift of Faerie Light.
  • Dalton's cousin Bo is still single because he kills any human that looks twice at her.
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  • "See where I represent everything that's fucked up about mountain culture, Dalton represents that poetic revisionism that people love to remember when they put on those rose colored glasses. He's hard working, honest and loyal as they come. He's your modern day fucking knight in a white straw hat. It would be a glorious goddamn fairy tale until you realized that this poster child for everything that right in the world is the omega of our pack and the villain is the man calling the shots. Funny how fucked up the world really is..." - Declan Brennan
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Direct Influences

Apocalypse PC

Player: Brian LeMaster
Character: Dalton Finn, Cheats-Death
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Fianna
Renown: 4 Glory 2 Wisdom 2 Honor
Domain: AL-001-D
VST: Robert Voitle

  • The movie Lawless (especially Forrest Bondurant) - A dramatization based upon real life events, this story depicts not only the tenacity of "hillbillies", but the clash between city and mountain folk.
  • Davy Crockett - Folk hero, statesman, hunter and storyteller. Davy Crockett lived by his own rules and never backed down from what he thought was right.
  • Photos of Appalachia - Striking photos depicting poverty in Appalachia.