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Apocalypse PC

[Rob Fowler
Character: Damian "Stare Decisis" Price
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Shadowlord
Position: Sept Beta, Pack Beta
Sept: Watch Tower, Atlanta
Rank: Adren
Glory: ••
Honor: ••••• •
Wisdom: ••
Pure Breed: •••
Domain: http://wiki.mindseyesociety.org/index.php/Atlanta_Apocalypse
VST: [mailto:] apocalypsevst@atlantaworldofdarkness.org

Damian - wolf.jpg

Character Information

Deed Names: Current: Stare Decisis

Homid Name Damian Price, Esquire

Other Names

Auspice: Philodox

Tribe: Shadowlord

Position: Sept Beta, Pack Beta

Rank: Adren

Renown: Glory 2, Honor 6, Wisdom 2

Pure Breed: Shadowlord x 3

Notable Traits:



Disruption, dedicated to Owl




Dr. Emma Bailey "Biological Transport Phenomenon"
Lio "Hashtag" Hastings
Dylan "Omengazer" Price


"He's complicated and secretive. You don't have to like it, you just have to deal with it."Dr. Emma Bailey "Biological Transport Phenomenon"

"He is my father and I am his son. While I may wear my displeasure at my past as a mantle, it did shape me into the Garou I am, today. Will I forgive him? Sure. When he challenges *me* for Rank." Howl of Thunder

Damian's Sayings

"Done is done... Unless you've broken the Litany, in which case you might want to start running now."
"How do I feel? I don't have feelings, they're a liability."


Battle Scars


Homid Form

OOC Information

Player: Rob Fowler

MES Number US2002034184:

Location Atlanta:

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