Damian Rominati

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Accord NPC

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Truth Cult: The CUT
Location: Houston-Galveston Diocese
ST: Houston Accord VST

Character Information

Name: Damian Rominati

Notable Traits: An affable silver-haired Caucasian man.

Position and Title: Bishop in the The Church of Ultimate Truth's Houston-Galveston megachurch, 2014 candidate for the Papacy


An educated and articulate man, Damian Rominati's reach touched many from all walks, bringing them together as an unusual community in the Houston-Galveston megachurch.

In Service to the Truth

The Church of Ultimate Truth

Damian Rominati's services were a blend of traditional Church doctrine and southern evangelical practices. His time oversees allowed him to utilize lessons and parables from various cultures, creating a multi-cultural atmosphere. Services were conducted in English and Spanish, though Rominati was reportedly able to speak seven different languages.

His time of faithful service in the Church led him to be nominated as one of the 2014 papal candidates. But with his unfortunate demise in November of that year the position went to Elijah_Grey.

Early History

Damian Rominati was raised by an affluent family in Little Italy. His father was a tailor, and reportedly worked at times for Meyer Lansky, though these claims have never been substantiated. It is also rumored that the Rominati family, which immigrated to the United States in 1907 by way of Ellis Island, was heavily involved in the illegal distribution of alcohol during Prohibition. These claims have also never been confirmed.

In 1974 Rominati officially joined the priesthood, and was soon thereafter transferred to Rome. There he served with distinction, and was noted as a devout, detailed, and patient Priest. Four years after arriving in Italy he was transferred to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and there he assisted in various internal investigations on behalf of the Catholic Church. Rominati even served under Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the future Pope, when Ratzinger was named Prefect of the Congregation.

Rominati abruptly left the Church in 1993 after reaching what he later referred to as a "spiritual crisis." According to a 2009 interview given by the Houston Chronicle, Rominati forsook his vows and began a twelve year journey across most of Europe and Asia. Examining the various religions of the world, he spent time in Munich, Prague, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Mecca, Mumbai, Nepal, and Beijing, searching for what he described simply as "the Truth." Damian Rominati reportedly found what he was looking for in 2005, and did so after sharing a cup of tea in Jakarta with Talbot Northson.


From Him

  • "Living half my life under the shadow of a false faith meant the warming rays of the Truth were even more brilliant when they fell on me. I offer thanks every day for those dark years; they let me know how truly blessed I am now."