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Damien Mastersen - The Master Harpy

Player: Val McManamy
Character: Damien Mastersen
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Carthian
Position: Harpy
Conspiracy: The Social Contract
Status: City 4, Daeva 5, Carthian 2, Social Contract 3
Domain: CO-015-D
VST: Ryan Nash

I ask for so little.
Just let me rule you,
and you can have everything that you want.
Just fear me, love me, do as I say,
and I will be your slave.

A Little About Myself

  • Clan: Daeva
  • Bloodline: I don't kiss and tell.
  • Covenant: Carthian
  • Status: Admired of clan Daeva, Respected in the city of Colorado Springs and Recognized in the Carthian Movement
  • Notable Traits: Wonderfully Striking Looks (4), long brown hair, sparkling blue eyes and a devilish silver tongue.

When I arrived into court in 1964, no one expected much from an Unaligned Daeva who was still exploring the world. But then, no one expected the Harpy of the city to step off the deep end and be so easily overwhelmed by my sarcasm and wit. The methodology and what was said will remain between silent and startled witnesses. However, after the 'incident' the Prince found himself in need of a new Harpy and a promising candidate with journal ready. I'm certain my Prince received a certain level of criticism for having me in such a strong court position without a covenant yet he held up quiet well under such pressures.

In '72, we finally had to evacuate the city due to the Lupine War getting a little too violent and crashing constantly into our halls of power. I spent my time traveling about and dancing with those that caught my fancy. Fast forward until '99 and we returned to a city that was tired of war and ready for stability. Technically, I wasn't a Harpy due to the whole lack of a court thing but that never stopped me from having fun. By the end of the evening, I went from unofficial to official Harpy and the court returned to normal.

As the Crucible starts, I've found myself in the forefront of social policing and politicking. Maybe I'll change the Kindred world for the better or just carve my own section out. I'll just have to see where my skill and wit take me. At least I'll have fun on the path.

Observations of a Harpy

Colorado Springs in Exile A return to Colorado Springs Tri-City Gathering Crucible in Nevada City Pueblo - July 2013 Colorado Springs 07/13/13 Colorado Springs 07/13/13 Denver - August 2013
Colorado Springs - August 2013 Kansas City - August 2013 Colorado Springs 09/14/13 Colorado Springs 09/28/13 Colorado Springs 10/12/13 Colorado Springs 10/26/13 Denver - November 2013 Colorado Springs - Holidays 2013
Denver 12/07/13 Colorado Springs 01/11/14 Denver 01/18/14

My Card

Damien Mastersen (in black) and Zane Tyler (in white)


  • "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." Oscar Wilde
  • "The tongue like a sharp knife... Kills without drawing blood." Buddha
  • "A man's character may be learned from the adjectives he habitually uses in conversation." Mark Twain
  • "Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist." George Carlin
  • "Damien is the epitome of what our Clan is named for. His words flow like water or sting like Everclear. Damien's eyes burn with the fiery passion of 1,000 white hot suns when he is pleased and can be as cold as the tundras of Antarctica when he is displeased with something and seem to pierce through to the soul. His touch? His touch can't be described in the presence of polite company..." Zane Tyler
  • "Oh Mister Mastersen...your rapier wit and silver tongue are so tragically wasted on the Movement. If you were a Harpy of the First Estate, there would be no need for other Covenants, we would rule the night, with you as its' social conscience." Adiette Armitage "Who says that isn't my plan already but from a different angle?"
  • "He is as smooth as an aged scotch, and just as titillating. Appreciated the leathers, and even more that he somehow adapted it to be as suave as he is. I gotta go for a ride with this guy." -- Joan Black
  • "The greatest pitfall of our requiems is the risk of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time about the wrong person. This is particularly troubling when we have such long memories. For those that remain ignorant of this fact, it is up to the rest of us to educate them." -- Matthew Abram Voelker
  • "Madam, may I introduce you to the World's Greatest Harpy, who single-handedly, though wit and charm, brought civilization and culture to our once-damned city? Who, with his his ledgers and words, restored the Kindred of Colorado to a place as apex predators of the... what was I talking about again? Oh, Damien! Let me introduce you..." -- Oral Wright
  • "If you will look to my left - discreetly, please - you will notice that Mr. Mastersen is now observing our conversation. Consider carefully your next actions. They may have a significant impact on your foreseeable requiem." -- An unobtrusively small Kindred speaking to a more animated one.
  • "I've had the pleasure, in more tha' 300 years of this existance to encounter fewer than 10 truly great Harpies. Mister Mastersen is 3 o' them." - Richard Hamilton
  • "Little Birds need lessons taught with a firm hand." - Sara Kuar, Harpy of Phoenix, Arizona
  • "A lesson for you, mein schuler - we are quick to say in these trying nights that the Invictus must be respected. Note the verbiage used - the Invictus *must* be respected. While one might think that this implies a certain demand for this respect, the truth of the matter is that respect must be *earned* by even the strongest leaders, among both Kindred and kine. Let us look to the example of mein Prince's Harpy, one Herr Damien Mastersen. Whilst remaining Unaligned in a domain noted for its intolerance of such, Herr Mastersen earned not only the respect of the elite of the domain but also their trust - trust that his tongue is sharp, surpassed only by his wit and his desire to see our grand society and its traditions stand the test of time. Even his recent decision to join the insipid Carthian Movement has not tarnished his reputation, even among our covenant. I ask you, mein schuler - could the same be said of you?" - Czesare Dragos, in deep conversation with one of his many charges.
  • "Ya... he's suave and doesn't miss much but bet about half the time he's scribbling in his book he's actually doodling boobs and penises so he doesn't drop into torpor from boredom. " - Buck
  • "I believe that we've come to an amicable arrangement. His titillations and distractions have inspired many a patron, and I must say...in addition to the substantial increase in clientele, his presence is quite pleasurable to myself. One could aspire to worse examples." - Grey
  • "I mean no offense, Harpy Mastersen, but your Covenant is more often than not full of retarded neonates. At least I think they are neonates." -- May Skerrit
    • "I won't argue the point but you have to ask yourself why the Covenant is both the road leading to and away from the Invictus."
      • "That is why it is called the Experiment, I suppose in this day and age it is more proper for the Neonates to learn the way of the world through the eyes of your Covenant, eventually they should mature." -- May Skerrit
  • "I think that is the difference between us Damien, you aim to make a scene, I aim to be the scene...and yet somehow we both seem to always hit the mark." - Ian Carson
  • "Damien Mastersen, though a member of the Carthian Movement, believes just as strongly as myself that boons are the lifeblood through which our society survives." - Tybalt Rook
  • "A requiem is like a tree, watered in blood and blooming in darkness. When the danse ends, when the requiem is over, the only thing that matters is whether or not that tree bore fruit. What will the fruits of Mastersen's conviction be, if any at all?" - Some Guy in a hoodie

Are you a friend?

Or just an acquaintance?


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  • Damien orchestrated the downfall of the previous Harpy of Colorado Springs in 1964.
  • Damien is responsible for creating the Court of Colorado Springs in 1999.
  • Damien is the only Kindred to master a secret Devotion that causes meetings to be completed in less than 5 minutes.
  • Damien has threatened to destroy the Invictus with the above mentioned Devotion.
  • Damien thwarted a plot to seize Praxis because it would upset his plans for a party.
  • Damien has possession of a certain journal which may or may not contain secrets of all of the Covenants. It was a gift from a friend who wanted to ensure he used it for nefarious purposes.
  • Damien is a deep cover agent for the Invictus. Even he doesn't know.
  • Damien's silk scarf is a blessed item.
  • Damien was originally an Invictus but was recruited into the Movement to pay off a debt.

My History


  • Embraced 1962
  • Became Harpy of Colorado Springs in 1965 as an Unaligned Kindred
  • Left Colorado Springs during Court Exile in 1972
  • Lots of travel
  • Returned to Colorado Springs as Harpy in 1999
  • Built Elysium "Janus House" in 2003
  • Joined the Carthian Movement in 2011
  • Served as Master Harpy for North Central Crucible 2013

My Nightly Soundtrack

  • One Republic "All the right moves"
  • Pop Evil "Trenches"
  • My Chemical Romance "Sing"
  • Fall Out Boy "Dance Dance"
  • Florence & The Machine "Seven Devils"
  • Fall Out Boy "Young Volcanoes"
  • Maroon 5 "Moves like Jagger"
  • Adele "Rollin in the deep"
  • Imagine Dragons "Demon"
  • The Script "Hall of Fame"

OOC Information


  • Sir Percy Blackeney - The Scarlet Pimpernel
  • Captain Jack Harkness - Dr. Who / Torchwood
  • Dorian Gray - The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Richard Castle - Castle

Player Name: Val McManamy MES Number: US2004122556 Location: Colorado Springs, CO