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Apocalypse PC

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Player: Jeff Wilson
Character: Magnus "Dancer Doom" Gunn
Auspice: Ahourn
Rank: Adren
Glory: 8
Honor: 5
Wisdom: 2
Domain: NV-004-D
VST: Dan Brown

Character Information

Name: Magnus Gunn

Auspice: Ahourn

Tribe: Fianna

Position: Righ of the Southwest


Camp: Brotherhood of Herne

Domain: TX-059-D

Notable Traits: Tattoo Artist, ((Pre-2003)Stubborn, Pig head, his way was the right way) Know know as Brothers Vengnece


  • Spirit say he was marked with one foot in the grave and the other on land
  • Get information from the Coax
  • Travel looking for the best Whisky to drink
  • In Spain Morrigu first took note of him and has been with him
  • Will not hurt a Raven under any circumstance and will beat down any one who does
  • every tattoo has a spirit in it
  • Was killed in 2003 during the Ratkin Wars

Information Known by Society

  • Mother died in child birth and Father was gone to Fight the war
  • Grew up as a ward of the Sept of Caithness
  • First change was at Samhain in 1976,
  • In 1978 War party was formed to go Spain and wipe out a Wyrm howler nest and there he was earned the Rank of Foster of killing 7 Wyrm Howler and earned the Name Dancer Doom, and was welcome into the Bloody Raven pack
  • in 1979 when to Cairo to destroy the Wyrm in the Desert and there he learn to tattoo and found he had a skill in natural as the day is long
  • Chased the same Wyrm Howler pack from Europe to American over the 20 years having no home
  • In the mountain of the Sierra Nevada mountains both pack where destroyed and Dancer Doom the lone Survivor
  • Was involved in Ratkin wars
  • became a Tattoo Artist of note in the Southwest
  • survived the attack that was thought to have killed him and was taken on a spirit quest with Stag was not seen again until 2013 Samhain


  • Are you done yet!
  • give the Spirits there due
  • Give me a minutes art wont create it self
  • in the end everyone bleeds the same
  • I asked you twice don't make me ask again

Friends and Allies

Folk Tales and Song

OOC Information

Player:Jeff Wilson

MES Number: US2002021718

Location:Reno, Nevada