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Character Information Fenrisnail.gif


Deed Name: Dances-on-Loki's-Teeth


Tribe: Get of Fenris

Notable Traits: Pure Breed 3, Lupus

Title or Position: Ulfr Voksen Modi of the Fenrir

Pack:The Long Gambit

In Character Information

  • Resides at the Sept of Fallen Jewels
  • Comes from somewhere in the great cold north
  • Became a member of The Long Gambit 18 Oct 2014
  • Went on a spirit quest and found a garou lost out of time and memory
  • Went to fight the Nightmaster and protected islands in Norway as others search for the rite that needed disrupting so he wouldn't gain power.


From Dances-on-Loki's-Teeth:

  • "Kitty Loony."

"Don't you mean Kitsune?"
"That is what this one said."

  • "Stop flapping your monkey lips. Are you fenrir or not? Challenge him!"
  • "I have established my Dominance...I am now your Beta." after peeing on her pack beta
  • "I do not ware dresses. This one is not allowed. This one was told not to tell the story as it's embarrassing."
  • "Flat fur is itchy!"
  • "This one understand the suggestion...kill it."

About Dances-on-Loki's-Teeth:

  • "Give a female lupus an antler get a new name in trade. I suppose Kitty Loony is an upgrade from No Pants" Kieran O'Donnell


  • Has given a challenge of a cliath Metis Godi in that he must make a talon for each phase of the moon to be recognized as Fostern, she will take his work as chimerage for having to deal with a metis
  • Was invited to hunt with a Silent Strider on the 'Spicy Island'
  • Does not understand the need to be curious about being something one is not
  • Is a Philidox
  • Is a Ragabash


OOC Information

Player: Michelle Boucher

Location: Washington D.C.

Number US2009074538

Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Changing Breed: Garou
Breed: Lupus
Sept: Sept of the Falling Jewels
Rank: Fostern
Glory: ••••
Honor: ••
Wisdom: ••
Player: Michelle Boucher
Storyteller: Joshua Teitelbaum